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With big data comes big responsibility

Cisco facing product transition issues | Businesses Report Significant Use of Desktop Virtualization Technology

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With big data comes big responsibility
Big Data is the buzzword on everyone's lips these days - promising to change the world through deep insights into vast and complex sets of data. But amidst the optimism at the recent IEEE Rock Stars of Big Data symposium at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, Calif., there were also stark about warnings about the dark side of the new technology. Read More

WHITE PAPER: Ipanema Technologies

Don't Let App Performance Problems Drag You Down
Did you know: 73% of enterprises lose productivity due to poor application performance? And that's just the beginning of the issues resulting from poor application performance. Check out this exclusive IDG-Ipanema survey to learn about the far-reaching impacts of poor application performance, and what you can do about it. Learn More.

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Solution Guide: Application Performance Management
Application performance management today sits at a juncture that crosses many disciplines and domains such as software dev, IT services, mainframes, mobile, cloud services, virtualization, app testing, network infrastructure, and storage. This report aims to clarify the definition of an APM solution, and how vendors are taking them forward. Learn More

Cisco facing product transition issues
Downgrades of Cisco stock have begun following the company's shocking outlook on its fiscal second quarter. Cisco expects Q2 revenue to decline 8% to 10% from last year due to a shortfall in orders and backlog, especially from emerging market countries. That dropped Cisco stock by as much as 13% on Thursday, Nov. 14. Read More

Businesses Report Significant Use of Desktop Virtualization Technology
Desktop virtualization is an alternative PC delivery model in which applications, operating systems, user data, profiles, and/or entire end-user environments are encapsulated and delivered to or executed on a remote endpoint device. The various desktop virtualization delivery models allow for centralized management, hosting, and/or execution, as well as syncing capabilities that enable local execution... Read More

WHITE PAPER: F5 Networks

Post-TMG: Securing Internet Facing Microsoft Apps
Organizations currently using or considering Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG) may face the dilemma of how, and what, administrators will use to secure Internet-facing Microsoft applications such as Exchange, SharePoint, and Lync with the departure of TMG. Read this paper to learn more about alternative solutions to Microsoft TMG. Read now>>

The DevOps Army
DevOps as a concept sounds great. Who would be against automating engineering, development and IT operations to make organizations develop, deploy and operate faster, quicker and more efficiently? But what does that really mean? Is there anyone doing this and what exactly do they do? I had a chance to catch up with a few members of the silent DevOps army recently and spoke to them about how they... Read More

$68 million, 200-year, 150,000-core analytics job run on Amazon's cloud in 18 hours for $33,000
When Schrodinger Materials Science tools wanted to test out 200,000 different organic compounds to see which ones could be a good fit to be used in photovoltaic electricity generation, the amount of data it had to deal with was an inhibiting factor, to say the least. Read More

WEBCAST: HP Intel VMware

End-user computing
The laptop, tablet, smart phone and thin client are the focus of end-user computing. IT pros must support the new mobile enterprise with the right back-end infrastructure. View Now

Cisco claims scuttled by VMware
In criticizing software-only overlays for network virtualization, two points Cisco continually brings up are hypervisor dependency and the need to touch all endpoints when changes are made to the virtual. But VMware, the chief target of Cisco's criticism, takes issue with both counts. Read More

10 amazing facts about the world's largest radio telescope
The massive effort that will ultimately bring together the world largest radio telescope got a little more focused this week. The organization running the venture picked some three hundred and fifty scientists and engineers, representing 18 nations and drawn from nearly one hundred institutions, universities and industry to complete the design phase of the Square Kilometer Array (SKA) Project. Read... Read More

Snowden used sys admin role to collect passwords: Reuters
Reuters is reporting this morning that former NSA contractor Edward Snowden "persuaded" some two dozen colleagues at a Hawaii government facility to give him their login credentials by claiming it was necessary for him to do his job as systems administrator. From that Reuters report: Read More


Recent iOS app updates people hate

We looked at the top 100 iPhone and iPad apps in the Business category, free or paid, that were last updated in September or October 2013 to find the ones users HATE.


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10. Wikileaks releases draft of long-secret trade proposal

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