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About Computer Networking: Farewell to 2013 - Top Stories and Trends in Networking

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Computer Networking


Get Connected

Uses and Upgrades

In our final edition of 2013 we look at ten of the most newsworthy and important topics in the field of wireless and computer networking (follow the Featured Articles section for items 5-10).

Wireless Networking and Your Health

With mobile phones and other diverse kinds of wireless consumer gadgets now proliferated around the world in huge numbers, people are literally immersed in a sea of wireless radio signals every day. Because this proliferation has happened all within just the past 20 years or so, the effects of these wireless signals on human physical health over a full lifetime isn't conclusively established. Or is it?

Fastest Mobile Networks in the U.S. - 2013

4G cell network technology continues to improve and along with it, the data rates and responsiveness of mobile Internet services. Expect 2014 to be another good year of growth for 4G.

Computer Network Administration One of the Best Future Jobs?

At least one industry organization has concluded that network administrators will be in demand and one of the best jobs for people to hold in the coming years.

The 2013 Wireless Turkey Awards

Those who missed the unveiling last month can take a minute now to review the "winners" for failures in the world of wireless this year.

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Why White Spaces is Mostly Hot Air


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Monday, December 30, 2013

Take 10th annual SANS Institute Holiday Hacking Challenge

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Network World After Dark

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Take 10th annual SANS Institute Holiday Hacking Challenge
Want to have some fun while working on your network security skills? SANS Institute has opened its 10th annual Holiday Hacking Challenge. It's a fun way to test your knowledge and learn a few new tricks while competing for awesome prizes. Read More


AppNeta Trace View - Free Trial Download
Want to try AppNeta in your own application environment? Install in 5 minutes! Learn More


Consider Hybrid Approach to File-Sharing
Security. Scalability. Control. These are just some of the many benefits of enterprise cloud file-sharing that you'll discover in this KnowledgeVault, packed with short videos, white papers and demos. View Now!

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Tricks and tips that will help you get the most out of those new Xmas gadgets
Did you get a new tablet, smartphone or laptop for the holidays? If so, you'll want to tune it to your interests/needs to get the most out of it. Here is a list of resources that can help: Read More

Quantum crypto, standard private key blended for first time
ID Quantique has found a way to blend quantum-key cryptography with more traditional crypto, the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). The effect is to gain certain advantages offered by both for private-key-based encryption. Read More

Techify your Holiday Sweater
Techify your Holiday Sweater From TechHive (IDG sister publication): Create a more tech-friendly holiday sweater with these helpful hints. From: Network World Videos Views: 3 0 ratings Time: 02:36 More in Science & Technology Read More

12.9-inch iPad and larger screened iPhone on tap for 2014 - Rumor
Heading into 2014, there are no shortage of rumors surrounding Apple's future product plans. From rumblings over an iWatch to the seemingly never-ending rumors regarding the mythical Apple HDTV, the expectation that Apple will release yet another game changing product has never been greater. Read More

"Minority Report" meets PC support
In the 2002 sci-fi flick Minority Report, the so-called "pre-cogs" could supposedly predict crimes before they actually occured. In 2013, Dell claims its technical support opereations can predict product failures before they occur. Read More

'PGP' encryption has had stay-powering but does it meet today's enterprise demands?
PGP encryption, as industry old-timers know, started out as "Pretty Good Privacy" invented by Phil Zimmermann in 1991, and since then, was sold on to various corporate owners until it ended in the hands of Symantec in 2010. While it is a widely used vintage brands, does PGP public-key encryption still meet today's enterprise demands, given the rise of cloud computing and mobile? Read More

Huawei sends 400Gbps over next-generation optical network
Huawei Technologies and Polish operator Exatel have tested a next-generation optical network based on WDM (Wavelength Division Multiplexing) technology and capable of 400Gbps throughput. Read More

What do John Lennon, Bach, Beethoven, Salvador Dali and Truman Capote have in common?
If those craters could talk, they would have one heck of a hot party on Mercury. The International Astronomical Union (IAU) -- the arbiter of planetary and satellite nomenclature since its inception in 1919 -- recently approved 10 new names for impact craters on the planet Mercury. Read More

Moving a city to Linux needs political backing, says Munich project leader
This year saw the completion of the city of Munich's switch to Linux, a move that began about ten years ago. "One of the biggest lessons learned was that you can't do such a project without continued political backing," said Peter Hofmann, the leader of the LiMux project, summing up the experience. Read More

Google seeks to commercialize humanoid robots
Google executives showed up at the Homestead Miami Speedway in Florida to show support for their new team and to get a look at the Atlas robot, built by Boston Dynamics, and one of the stars of the challenge. Read More

3 Trends That Will Make Life Harder for CIOs in 2014
Robots, 3-D printers and wearable tech are indeed cool, but they should raise red flags for IT leaders. Here's how these emerging technologies will cause operations, privacy and user policy headaches for CIOs in 2014. Read More

IPv6 will allow them to track you down. Not!
Everyone from marketers to law enforcement officials seem to hold the same misconception that IPv6 is going to make it possible to expose people in a way that IPv4 does not. Read More


10 best Android smartphones of 2013

2013 was a big year for the Android smartphone ecosystem.


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1. 10 best Android smartphones of 2013

2. Report on NSA 'secret' payments to RSA fuels encryption controversy

3. Inside knowledge likely in Target breach, experts say

4. 10 ex-Cisco employees making an impact in the industry

5. 'PGP' encryption has had stay-powering but does it meet today's enterprise demands?

6. Juniper vs. Palo Alto Networks: Firewall court battle set to begin

7. What's Microsoft going to look like after Ballmer?

8. Notable deaths of 2013 from the worlds of technology, science & inventions

9. Bah humbug. IT pros expect to work over holiday break

10. Cisco teams with VMware, Citrix to counter Amazon's new cloud-based desktop

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In case you missed it, your copy of InformationWeek's special issue on cloud integration is now available.

Our cover story looks at how increased use of cloud has created a new problem: combining disparate services from multiple cloud providers, each with its own management APIs, service catalogs and technology stacks.

In This Issue:

  • Herding Clouds: Why wrangling hybrid, multivendor infrastructures is confounding, costly -- and critical.
  • Bad Project Managers: 6 Archetypes: The know-it-all. The Pollyanna. The procrastinator. While there's no secret sauce for perfect project management, avoid the archetypes described here.
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5 Best Android Phones | 7 Big MS Mistakes In 2013

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 December 30, 2013


5 Best Android Phones Of 2013
Android-powered smartphones have taken over the mobile landscape. These five stand above the rest.
7 Mistakes Microsoft Made In 2013
This was a pretty good year for Microsoft with some big customer wins. But these seven missteps were just dumb.
What Smartphone Makers Need To Do In 2014
Rectangular slabs of glass and plastic won't cut it with consumers in 2014. Smartphone makers really have to push boundaries to win over the long haul.
Why Native Apps No Longer Add Up
The economics no longer work in the mobile game market. But alternatives are emerging for game discovery and monetization.
Can BlackBerry Be Fixed?
The smartphone maker's quarterly results were abysmal, with a loss of $4.4 billion on shipments of only 1.9 million smartphones, mostly older models.
Why Apple Must Reconsider Emerging Market Strategy
Apple's iTunes App Store model doesn't work well in some parts of the world. Users need more flexible payment models for mobile content.


10 Best Android Apps Of 2013
From a slick password manager to a top-notch image editor, these standout Android apps will improve your mobile life.

10 Biggest Tech Disappointments Of 2013
From HealthCare.gov to the Galaxy Gear smartwatch, here are some of the year's biggest letdowns.

Apple CEO Teases Product Shakeup In 2014
CEO Tim Cook's letter to employees thanked them for their hard work and suggested that the company has big changes planned for its product lines.

Microsoft In 2013: 7 Lessons Learned
If a key to success is learning from your mistakes, Microsoft should be well positioned for 2014.

10 Best Tablets Of 2013
Whether you're tablet shopping now or looking ahead, check out this year's standouts.



  • How to Defend Your Network from Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs)

    Attend this webinar with Ruby Sharma, Technical Alliances at FireEye, and Michael Bilancieri, Director of Product Management at Bit9, to get the latest intelligence on advanced attack scenarios and how FireEye and Bit9 are working together to deliver an integrated ...

  • The Economics of Cyber Crime

    Is your organization protected? Join HP for a discussion about the results of the study and find out how you can mitigate cyber crime risks.



7 Mistakes Microsoft Made In 2013



  • SDN: Physical vs. Logical

    Until recently, most software-defined networking buzz has centered on hardware -- decoupling the control logic and switching fabric in switches and routers using OpenFlow. But that’s only half (and maybe the less important half) of the story. Virtual servers ...

  • Choosing and Implementing An Enterprise Database Encryption Strategy

    Unless there is absolutely nothing of value in your organization's databases, you should be implementing data encryption. This Dark Reading report examines the different options available, as well as alternatives for those situations when encryption is not an option.

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