Thursday, November 21, 2013

Gartner analyst slams OpenStack, again

This is how Amazon cleans its servers when customers are done with them | Salesforce, Amazon and others (kind of) offer private clouds - is it enough?

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Gartner analyst slams OpenStack, again
Gartner analyst Allessandro Perilli recently attended his first summit for the open source cloud platform OpenStack and he says the project has a long way to go before it's truly an enterprise-grade platform. Read More


The Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid in the Cloud
While the cloud offers the promise of rapid scalability, flexibility and efficiency, there are important caveats to keep in mind when deploying in your organization. Learn the five most common mistakes (and how to avoid them) to help you ensure successful cloud deployment and adoption. View Now


The Clear Path to Cloud Security, Compliance, & Cost Control
Both customers and IT decision makers are concerned about cloud security, according to recent research. How can you negotiate this barrier to realize the benefits of cloud computing? Read this paper to learn about the techniques, tools, and technologies that will enable you to capitalize on the cloud safely and cost-effectively. Read Now

This is how Amazon cleans its servers when customers are done with them
Every day thousands of customers spin up and down virtual machines and make billions of requests for processes on the storage being held in the Amazon Web Services cloud. But what happens when a customer is done renting that hardware? Read More

Salesforce, Amazon and others (kind of) offer private clouds - is it enough?
Today we have two nuggets of news from the cloud world that both aim to alleviate concerns that customers may have with using a multi-tenant public cloud. Read More

Top 10 Cloud Computing Certifications
Looking for a way to benchmark your cloud computing knowledge and skills? Want an extra edge when looking for that cloud computing job? Get cloud computing certified. Read More


Transition to the 3rd Platform for Enterprise Applications
The tech industry is in the midst of a major transition brought about by the combination of four forces. Since the lifetime of an application software package in a business is significant, application buyers need to consider support for the 3rd Platform. Learn more

You've got to see Marc Benioff's shoes
Marc Benioff is never afraid to make bold statements in speeches, business or, apparently fashion. The king of SaaS and founder of took the stage at the company's annual Dreamforce conference this morning donning pretty much regular business attire - a business suit with no tie and a jacket. And these shoes. Read More

Dropbox is winning the storage wars - get used to it
If you needed more proof that the future of storage lies in cloud-based online services like Dropbox and its competitors, the financial markets have 8 billion reasons for you to consider. At least, $8 billion is the reported valuation of the company in a $250 million funding round it's now putting together. Read More

New AWS service AppStream offloads graphics work to the cloud
With its new AppStream offering, Amazon is offering intensive graphics processing as a service, with the promise of freeing developers from worrying about the rendering capabilities of each user's device. Read More


Secure, Reliable & Proven APM for the Enterprise
Your organization depends on your web applications to do business -- from customer facing eCommerce,banking or travel applications, to mission-critical applications for your employees or partners. When it comes to performance, visitors' expectations for service and reliability are high. Read Now

Federal CIOs look to platform-as-a-service for software development
A new survey of federal IT executives indicates strong interest in hosted application development to cut cost and improve efficiencies, though PaaS adoption currently remains weak. Read More

Cloud consolidation: CenturyLink buys nifty little IaaS provider Tier 3
Telecommunications giant CenturyLink has made another acquisition in the cloud computing market, this time of innovative public IaaS provider Tier 3. It adds to the company's arsenal of cloud computing offerings and shows the dynamic nature of companies jostling for position in the market. Read More

Amazon: New analytics tool can scrutinize massive amounts of data
Amazon Web Services this week rolled out a new cloud-based data analytics tool named Kenesis, which can analyze massive amounts of data in real time and be paid for by the hour. Read More


20 hottest tech toys for the holidays

Cool Yule Tools 2013: Our Tester Elf-approved picks for awesome gadgety goodness.


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