Wednesday, November 20, 2013

CRYPTOLOCKER EXTRA: How to Cope with Nasty Ransomware

Worst data breaches of 2013 (part 3!) | Police set poor example by paying $750 CryptoLocker ransom

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Cryptolocker: The evolution of extortion
The Cryptolocker Trojan is an evolution of "ransomware," not a revolutionary change from past criminal attempts to extort money from PC owners, a security expert said today. Read More

Worst data breaches of 2013 (part 3!)
The Identity Theft Resource Center has recorded 450 data breaches so far this year, and here are the worst that became known between July and September Read More

Police set poor example by paying $750 CryptoLocker ransom
Law enforcement authorities and computer security experts are in general agreement that paying off the criminals who distribute CryptoLocker ransomware is ill-advised, yet that's exactly the path chosen by a Massachusetts police department when it was recently victimized. From a local newspaper report: Read More

Cryptolocker: How to avoid getting infected and what to do if you are
The newest piece of ransomware is particularly nasty and, once you've got it, it's a real pain to get rid of. Here's how to protect your corporate assets before getting bit. Read More

Businesses offer best practices for escaping CryptoLocker hell
It is an IT nightmare: Businesses hit with the CryptoLocker malware find their electronic files locked up inside strong encryption and the extortionist operating the malware botnet demanding money to give them the security key that would let companies get their data back. Read More

How cops and robbers are using Google Earth
Law enforcement and criminals have both used Google Earth and Google Maps to commit and solve real-world crimes. Read More

Security Threat Landscape - November 2013: Bad BIOS and CryptoLocker
Security Threat Landscape - November 2013: Bad BIOS and CryptoLocker Network World's Keith Shaw talks with Fortinet's Derek Manky about the Bad BIOS malware proof-of-concept (and how it can jump air-gapped networks) and the latest on the CryptoLocker ransomware... From: Network World Videos Views: 4 0 ratings Time: 11:17 More in Science & Technology Read More

CryptoLocker crooks charge 10 Bitcoins for second-chance decryption service
If you don't win an online auction, sometimes you receive a "second chance offer" that costs whatever your highest bid was for an item. Read More

CryptoLocker creators try to extort even more money from victims with new service
The creators of CryptoLocker, a piece of malware that encrypts user data and holds it for ransom, are giving users who removed the malicious program from their computers a second chance to recover their files, but at a much higher cost. Read More

Top Tech Turkeys of 2013
Gobble, gobble - these techies deserve to be carved up Read More


20 hottest tech toys for the holidays

Cool Yule Tools 2013: Our Tester Elf-approved picks for awesome gadgety goodness.


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