Monday, November 25, 2013

A holistic approach to combating advanced persistent threats

The best data security offense is a good defense | Businesses offer best practices for escaping CryptoLocker hell

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A holistic approach to combating advanced persistent threats
Security researcher Michael Sutton is really concerned. He says most companies haven't advanced their security strategies to keep pace with today's threats—especially the most serious advanced persistent threats. He recommends a holistic approach that includes protection, detection and remediation. Read More


How to Leverage New Storage Strategies
This ebook covers some of the key challenges organizations are encountering with storage management, data protection and cost containment. It also shows how IT organizations can effectively address these difficulties while getting the most out of their valuable information assets. Read now!


Storage Switzerland: Unstructured Data Storage
Unstructured data (data that's outside of databases), is growing at an out-of-control pace in organizations of all sizes. Read now!

The best data security offense is a good defense
After several missed security audits, the IT team at the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare jumped into action, building an ambitious security risk framework so audit reports could be prepared in a timely fashion. Read More

Businesses offer best practices for escaping CryptoLocker hell
It is an IT nightmare: Businesses hit with the CryptoLocker malware find their electronic files locked up inside strong encryption and the extortionist operating the malware botnet demanding money to give them the security key that would let companies get their data back. What do you do to escape this crypto hell of ransomware? A few corporations here detail their experiences with the nasty malware and say in many cases back-up and restoration was their only way out. Read More

WHITE PAPER: Mobiquity Inc.

The Five Big Lies Leaders Hear About "Going Mobile"
Mobile hasn't been around long, but it has already made a tremendous impact. With such a new technology, it's not surprising that a lot of misinformation is floating around. Don't be taken in. Get the truth by reading this paper. It lays out how to develop an effective mobile initiative, one you need to succeed. Learn More

Best practices for safely moving data in and out of the cloud
As everyone knows, cloud provider Nirvanix recently fell apart, declaring bankruptcy and leaving its customers in the lurch. Nirvanix gave enterprises less than a month to move their data to a new home. To avoid the fate of those customers, follow these best practices for safely moving data in and out of the cloud. Read More

How Many Data Scientists Does the World Really Need?
The buzz is all about 'Big Data' and how best to use it to generate actionable intelligence. To do this, companies will need to hire loads of highly trained, highly paid data scientists -- or will they? Read More

WHITE PAPER: Netscout Systems Inc.

Develop Your Service Delivery Monitoring Strategy
Service delivery monitoring is a critical enabler that IT infrastructure and operations leaders must invest in to foster the transition from IT to business technology. In this report, Jean-Pierre Garbani at Forrester Research provides insights into this transition and the monitoring solutions needed. Learn More.

CIOs Must Learn the Politics of No
CIOs may have good reason to reject a proposal or nix a technology request, but an inept or frequent 'no' will get you sidelined. Read More

How BYOD Puts Everyone at Legal Risk
If your BYOD policy goes too far you may be prosecuted for unfair labor practices. However, courts expect you to produce all relevant data in discovery proceedings. Meanwhile, your employees may fear retaliation if they don't sign draconian BYOD policies. talks to attorneys to better understand the legal side of BYOD. Read More

CIOs and CMOs: Feuding in the C-Suite
Survey finds that CIOs and marketing chiefs don't see eye-to-eye on much at all. Read More

IBM Will Beat Amazon Web Services Because Process Beats Product
IBM will eventually beat Amazon Web Services, writes columnist Rob Enderle, but not because AWS has an inferior product. In many ways, AWS is better than IBM's cloud offering. But Big Blue's experience with enterprise customers, not to mention the federal government, shows that great businesses processes often beat great products. Read More


20 hottest tech toys for the holidays

Cool Yule Tools 2013: Our Tester Elf-approved picks for awesome gadgety goodness.


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