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10 things you didn't know about Windows 1.0

Mum's the word: Microsoft board 'doing really well' at keeping quiet | Microsoft adds load balancing as Azure availability stutters

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10 things you didn't know about Windows 1.0
Many say Windows turned 30 this year, but it was actually 28 years ago this week that the first commercial version of Microsoft's signature operating system shipped. Read More


Fighting Fraud Videos: IBM Intelligent Investigation Manager
Short videos about IBM Intelligent Investigation Manager (IIM) for Fraud. IIM optimizes the investigation of fraud for customers across many industries in both the commercial and public sector space. Learn More.


Data Warehouse Builds More Agile, Private Cloud
A large enterprise data warehouse company used Red Hat® CloudForms to create a private cloud that includes automated provisioning and self-service for developers and testers. This let them build, test, and release new product versions faster. Find out how in this case study. Learn more

Mum's the word: Microsoft board 'doing really well' at keeping quiet
Rumors aside, Microsoft's board of directors has done a good job of keeping the lid on its search for a CEO to replace Steve Ballmer, a public relations expert said. Read More

Microsoft adds load balancing as Azure availability stutters
Microsoft struggled this week with multiple performance problems on its Azure cloud platform, while it also made the hosted load balancing service Traffic Manager generally available. Read More

How Microsoft's MDM strategy embraced Android and iOS
Microsoft is quietly embracing multi-platform mobile devices. Windows Azure Mobile Services does an equally good job providing back-end services for mobile apps developed for Windows, Android, and iOS. And last month it announced support for Android and iOS in its unified management environment for PCs. These developments prove that when Microsoft has a good reason, it can be platform agnostic. Read More


Charting your Path to an Open Hybrid Cloud
Cloud computing and open hybrid clouds are part of a transformation across all facets of the IT industry. Within the hybrid cloud model, the importance of open source technology is critical to the portability of workloads and data in fully leveraging the benefits of a multiple cloud model. I View more

If the future is 'One Microsoft,' should you invest in a touchscreen monitor?
Was the death of Windows RT hinted at by Julie Larson-Green, Microsoft's executive vice president of devices and studios? During the UBS Technology Conference, Larson-Green stated, "We have the Windows Phone OS. We have Windows RT and we have full Windows." Read More

Microsoft preps mobile app for Office 365 admins
IT administrators of the Office 365 cloud email and collaboration suite will now be able to check their management console from their mobile devices. Read More

Windows 8 buying guide: How to buy the best laptop, desktop, tablet, or hybrid
Buying a new Windows 8 device isn't as simple as, say, picking up a new Android tablet. The device-spanning nature of the overhauled operating system means Windows works on a vast array of hardware, from laptops to tablets to desktops to genre-straddling hybrids. Saying "I want a Windows 8 device" is just the first step of this particular purchasing journey. Read More

WHITE PAPER: Kaspersky

IT Security - Fighting the Silent Threat
"IT Security - Fighting the Silent Threat" is a global report into business attitudes and opinions on IT security. Download the report now to get quantifiable statistics about perceived versus real cyberattacks. Learn More.

With iOS app update, Microsoft wants SkyDrive to displace "camera roll" tools
Microsoft has sharpened the photo management capabilities of its SkyDrive app for iOS, a step intended to make the cloud storage product the de facto "camera roll" tool across users' multiple devices. Read More

Microsoft sells 1 million Xbox One consoles on launch day
Microsoft says the launch of the Xbox One on Friday has been the most successful yet for its Xbox gaming console family. Read More

To Beat IBM, Amazon Web Services Needs to Build the Next Xbox
CIO.com columnist Rob Enderle isn't suggesting that Amazon get into gaming. Rather, AWS needs to approach IBM and the enterprise cloud the same way Microsoft successfully took on Sony. Otherwise, Amazon risks entering the annals of tech history alongside Lisa, Vaio and Zune. Read More

HP private cloud service leads the pack, followed by Cisco and Microsoft, Forrester says
Enterprises are expected to significantly ramp up their pursuit of internal private clouds within the next year, and HP, Cisco and Microsoft have the strongest product offerings for those deployments, according to a new Wave report by research firm Forrester. Read More


20-plus eye-popping Black Friday tablet, computer & tech deals

Apple iPads, latest Android and Windows machines all in for big discounts. Oh, and free snow globes.


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