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Security policy orchestration eases the process of making changes to complex networks

How to Create an Effective Business Continuity Plan | 6 Tips to Help CIOs Manage Shadow IT

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Security policy orchestration eases the process of making changes to complex networks
It's growing more difficult to monitor and manage the near-constant changes to network configurations. Tufin Technologies introduces security policy orchestration is order to bring automation, collaboration and integration to the process. The benefits include reducing the time to make secure changes from a week to a day. Read More


The Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid in the Cloud
While the cloud offers the promise of rapid scalability, flexibility and efficiency, there are important caveats to keep in mind when deploying in your organization. Learn the five most common mistakes (and how to avoid them) to help you ensure successful cloud deployment and adoption. View Now


The Clear Path to Cloud Security, Compliance, & Cost Control
Both customers and IT decision makers are concerned about cloud security, according to recent research. How can you negotiate this barrier to realize the benefits of cloud computing? Read this paper to learn about the techniques, tools, and technologies that will enable you to capitalize on the cloud safely and cost-effectively. Read Now

How to Create an Effective Business Continuity Plan
Natural and manmade disasters underscore the challenges of seamless disaster recovery in the real world. Having a comprehensive business continuity plan isn't just an IT concern; though. Nothing less than the survival of your company is at stake. Read More

6 Tips to Help CIOs Manage Shadow IT
IT, mobile and security experts offer advice on how to minimize the risks associated with third-party apps and services as well as with employees using their mobile devices in the workplace. Read More

Seven ways PSIM helps campuses address tough security challenges
A rash of deadly shootings at college campuses and schools in recent years has placed security in the spotlight. The debate over school violence and how to combat it has typically focused on mental health, training, and gun control. But can security technology play a role? Read More

WEBCAST: ForeScout Technologies

Continuous Monitoring & Mitigation: the New InfoSec Frontier
Join CSO publisher Bob Bradgon and a panel of experts as they discuss how new solutions help to leverage existing security solutions through bi-directional integrations. View now >>

Businesses offer best practices for escaping CryptoLocker hell
It is an IT nightmare: Businesses hit with the CryptoLocker malware find their electronic files locked up inside strong encryption and the extortionist operating the malware botnet demanding money to give them the security key that would let companies get their data back. Read More

The DevOps Army
DevOps as a concept sounds great. Who would be against automating engineering, development and IT operations to make organizations develop, deploy and operate faster, quicker and more efficiently? But what does that really mean? Is there anyone doing this and what exactly do they do? I had a chance to catch up with a few members of the silent DevOps army recently and spoke to them about how they... Read More

AWS: Our virtual desktop will succeed where others have stumbled
With the launch of a new hosted virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) service called WorkSpaces, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is hoping to convert more enterprises to virtual work environments, something other IT companies have enjoyed only modest success in doing. Read More

WHITE PAPER: Stratacache

Maximizing the Online Experience with Cache Technology
In this enlightening interview, we explore how retail cache technology reduces latency and diminishes bandwidth requirements for an optimal user experience. Learn More.

Strategic guide to backup and recovery
Your company is increasingly reliant on IT to drive business, so the need for a sound backup and disaster recovery plan has taken on increased significance. At the same time, technologies such as the cloud are giving IT new options for how to deal with backup and DR. Read More

Microsoft sees huge potential in fuel cells
Microsoft is investigating the use of fuel cells to power data centers, arguing in a paper released Tuesday that its studies find it a technology with much potential. Read More

7 Technology Job Boards to Find or Fill Positions
Job boards are an important element of a well-rounded job search for workers or employee search for recruiters and hiring managers, but with so many options where should you start? This guide is a good place. We look at job boards that focus squarely on technology and IT jobs. Read More

Dropbox makes its play for business users
Dropbox is hoping to capitalize on the growing use of its file hosting service among businesses with a new product built from scratch that is designed to help companies improve workflow processes. Read More

Microsoft: No, we're not ditching on-premise Exchange
Microsoft today shut down talk that it would soon stop shipping new versions of its Exchange Server, promising it would continue to develop and release the popular email software for on-premise use. Read More


Recent iOS app updates people hate

We looked at the top 100 iPhone and iPad apps in the Business category, free or paid, that were last updated in September or October 2013 to find the ones users HATE.


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9. Cruise line plans 11ac network upgrades for stem-to-stern Wi-Fi

10. Wikileaks releases draft of long-secret trade proposal

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