Tuesday, November 19, 2013

About Computer Networking: U.S. Colleges Now Using Super Wi-Fi

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Strange as it sounds, this thing called "Super Wi-Fi" is not Wi-Fi. It is wireless networking but using a whole different technology better called "white spaces." Not many people use it, but based on recent news reports it seems some U.S college students will get to try Super Wi-Fi soon.

Free Online Wi-Fi Hotspot Locators
You won't find too many white spaces / Super Wi-Fi networks in here, but for the rest of the world's wireless Internet access points, these portals are the best place to start looking.
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Readers Respond: The Health Effects of Wireless
"I think, that there is a lot of people who needs a real help from some professional. I work in it [wireless], never had a problem. I sleep well, no burned fingers, no weight loss... . Maybe if you work as hard as I do, you will sleep well, you will eat a lot, and you will have something more serious to think about." -paolo

Types of Wireless Internet Services
There are more different kinds of wireless Internet service out there than people realize. This article introduces you to the basics.
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Readers Respond: How Much Does Your Internet Cost?
"$50 month for 45 kb/s... getting robbed. I do live in rural Louisiana, and I'm aware that is my problem, but 2 miles up the road from me the neighbors have cable internet - 50 mbps. Called the cable company and they told me that I would have to pay $10,000 for them to run the line. Goes to show that we in rural areas don't matter." -Daniel

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