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InterCall and Blue Jeans Network Integrate Audio and Video Services

Commercializing open source software via Shareware | 11 tech products we couldn't live without

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InterCall and Blue Jeans Network Integrate Audio and Video Services
InterCall recently announced it has integrated Blue Jeans Network video with InterCall Reservationless-Plus® audio conferencing. With more than 400,000 access ports, InterCall has one of the largest proprietary IP-based global conferencing platforms in use today. Read More

WHITE PAPER: ExtraHop Networks

Free Appliance for Application Performance Monitoring
The ExtraHop Discovery Edition is a free virtual appliance will help you to discover the performance of your applications across the network, web, VDI, database, and storage tiers. Get yours today! Learn More>>


IBM WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration
IBM WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration is a low-cost, plug-and-play solution that enables system-to-system and B2B communication with no coding. It can be fully operational in days, providing end-to-end connectivity for, and between, on-premise and third-party information systems. Learn More.

Commercializing open source software via Shareware
Many software developers, like myself, have a difficult time finding the right balance between respecting the rights of the users of their software (such as releasing the source code under a license like the GPL) and earning a living developing that software. Over the last several years I've tried quite a few different mechanisms of earning a living wage by developing, and distributing, open source... Read More

11 tech products we couldn't live without
Read More

WHITE PAPER: PC Connection

Save Time and Money with Flash in Automated Storage Tiering
Designing a storage environment to scale for both capacity and performance used to be somewhat mutually exclusive. Armed with new discoveries on data life cycle, storage vendors such as EMC are tackling this problem head-on. Learn More

Surface usage continues to climb, no thanks to Surface 2
Microsoft's tablet ambitions keep taking baby steps towards the mainstream. On Tuesday, Chitika Insights sent me a report outlining some usage stats for the Surface RT and Surface 2, and surprise! The Windows RT-based Surface variants send almost as much traffic Chitika's way as Nook or Nexus tablets do. Read More

The most dangerous iPhone case ever
Read More

WHITE PAPER: Mobiquity Inc.

How to Choose the Right Mobile Engagement Partner
Forrester just defined a new class of partner: the Mobile Engagement Provider. Learn how to identify a partner that can help you create outstanding mobile solutions. Learn More

Geek-themed Meme of the Week: NSA/Obamacare Edition
No. 23 in our Geek-Themed Meme of the Week series features Skeptical Third World Kid asking a question that has occurred to many an American in recent months. Want more? Check out the "Geek-themed Meme of the Week Archive": And if you'd like me to consider one that you've found - or created - please feel free to send it to me at Read More

Geek-Themed Meme of the Week Archive
They are inescapable on the Internet. Most are awful. A few are not, so we have started publishing a selection of memes that amuse me. One every week. Here's the archive. Read More


20-plus eye-popping Black Friday tablet, computer & tech deals

Apple iPads, latest Android and Windows machines all in for big discounts. Oh, and free snow globes.


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