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Router start-up gets boost from Cisco

  Raspberry Pi is running a bar in England | Network World's 2013 Holiday Gift Guide - Something for Everyone

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Router start-up gets boost from Cisco
Compass-EOS, a start-up shipping a silicon photonics-based router, this week closed a $42 million round of funding with the help of existing investor Cisco. Other existing vendors participating in the latest round include Comcast Ventures, Pitango Venture Capital, Benchmark Capital, Northbridge Venture Partners and Marker LLC. Read More


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Webinar: IBM IIM for Fraud, Abuse and Waste in Government
View this IBM webinar to learn about the challenges and opportunities in fraud reduction, waste, and abuse in government programs and agencies. You will learn how IBM Intelligent Investigation Manager (IIM) can help your organization. Learn More.

Raspberry Pi is running a bar in England
A Swedish student at the University of Oxford has hacked a Raspberry Pi to improve the management of a student-run bar on the campus, Wired reports. Johan Paulsson is pursuing a PhD in theoretical physics at Oxford's Wolfson College, so naturally a well-run bar is important to him. The service at Wolfson College bar, being run entirely by student volunteers, was "completely and utterly inappropriate,"... Read More

Network World's 2013 Holiday Gift Guide - Something for Everyone
We've completed work on the 2013 edition of the annual Network World Holiday Gift Guide with one of the most diverse sets of great gifts ever. I'm pleased once again to have been part of Keith Shaw's team in testing and evaluating an astonishingly broad array of gift possibilities, for home and even for work. Read More

Hammerhead, a better way to navigate while cycling
Read More

SDDCs doubling every year
The global software defined data center market is now expected to grow at a compounded annual rate of 97.48% from 2014-2018, according to Dublin's Research and Markets, up from the 68.7% CAGR published by the firm just a few months ago. Read More

Oh no: Now even computers have more common sense than me
Carnegie Mellon University has been running a computer cluster since July that scans the web for images in order to make sense out of them. The project, dubbed Never Ending Image Learner, could pave the way for computers that better understand the visual world in ways that humans often take for granted. Read More

Large Organizations Needs Open Security Intelligence Standards and Technologies
A few years ago, Trend Micro announced that it would enhance its on-site AV products with cloud-based intelligence it called the "Smart Protection Network" (SPN). I'm not sure if Trend was the first, but it certainly wasn't the last vendor to embrace this type of architecture. In fact, just about everyone now has a toe in the cloud-based security intelligence pool. For example, Blue Coat... Read More

South Park: A dead Bill Gates engineers the murder of Steve Ballmer over Xbox competition
The only thing more brutal than Microsoft-Sony gamebox competition is South Park's depiction of how brutal that competition is. In the most recent episode, the folks producing the show have created a scene in which Bill Gates lectures a mortally wounded Steve Ballmer about the cutthroat nature of that rivalry. (If you click on that link, beware it's pretty NSFW. The scene in question is at 7:47)... Read More


Powerful Application Solutions for CRM & ERP
This white paper examines how you can get the most from CRM and ERP, find the best system for your business and how IBM can help. Learn More.

How open data can keep us safe
By now most of you have probably heard about the case in Florida of two convicted murderers who hacked up their release papers and were released from prison, even though they were both serving life sentences. They were fugitives on the loose for a few weeks and then recaptured without incident luckily. But the fact that they were able to hack up their release documents and fooled the prison officials... Read More

FTC jams mobile phone crammers
The Federal Trade Commission today said it settled allegations that a mobile operator had put charges on phone bills without user consent - an illegal practice known as cramming or "cramouflage"- to the tune of $10 million. Read More

4 Reasons email will never die
Forward-looking social media enthusiasts like to predict the end of email as we know it. Indeed, there are plenty of signs that millennials, in particular, prefer other methods of electronic communication, using email primarily to communicate with their clueless parents and various other Luddite institutions. In fact, I know of one teenager who lost his place at University because he didn't check his... Read More

Smartwatches are basically useless
A new smartwatch project called the Neptune Pine is on its way to becoming the most successful Kickstarter campaign of all time, according to Quartz. In just three days, the Neptune Pine has surpassed $192,000 in funding against its $100,000 goal. Read More

Upcoming Webinar: 802.11ac Security and Assurance
  The deployment of 802.11ac, I'm sure we can all agree, is more a question of when than if. Read More

Retailer demands $3,500 from author of bad review
It's difficult to fathom how a legitimate business could act this way: A Utah woman, Jen Palmer, several years ago wrote a negative online review about trinket retailer KlearGear and the company responded by attempting to enforce against her what just might be the most despicable terms of service ever imagined. From an Electronic Frontier Foundation blog post: Read More

How changed the conversation about software testing
By Lorinda Brandon, Quality Evangelist Read More

WEBCAST: PC Connection

ESG on Consolidated Backup and Archive
Watch Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) Senior Analyst Steve Duplessie discuss the importance of backup and archiving as part of an overall IT strategy for data protection and recovery. Learn why a "one-size-fits-all" backup and recovery system is no longer effective as data continues to grow rapidly and become more varied each year. View Now

Dropbox is winning the storage wars - get used to it
If you needed more proof that the future of storage lies in cloud-based online services like Dropbox and its competitors, the financial markets have 8 billion reasons for you to consider. At least, $8 billion is the reported valuation of the company in a $250 million funding round it's now putting together. Read More

Google's Vint Cerf defines Internet of Things challenges
We are going to have to live through a period of mistakes and challenges before we can make any strong regulations about the privacy issues and other challenges the Internet of Things present. That was Vint Cerf, vice president and chief internet evangelist for Google's response to a regulation question at his keynote before today's Federal Trade Commission's workshop on the Internet of Things trend.... Read More

Salesforce, Amazon and others (kind of) offer private clouds - is it enough?
Today we have two nuggets of news from the cloud world that both aim to alleviate concerns that customers may have with using a multi-tenant public cloud. Read More

Universities diving into Big Data
Educational institutions are increasingly on the case of making sense of growing piles of big data, and the latest data science effort involves UC Berkeley, the University of Washington and Read More

The rush is on to bury Windows and the PC
Welcome to the era of web publishing, where hit counters are everything and honesty and veracity take a back seat. This has resulted in an explosion in blogging that's pretty much troll bait, either designed to give someone bragging rights for having called it first or simply a desperate attempt to get Slashdotted. Many fellow journalists have jumped over to the analyst side, and I suspect there are... Read More

The security industry remains strong with computer science, but weak on IT
Last week, I was in Silicon Valley meeting with a parade of CISOs and security vendors. Business travel is no "day at the beach," but these trips really help me keep up with the latest enterprise security challenges and potential technology solutions. It was also nice to spend time in the Valley and re-charge my batteries toward the security industry. There was a lot of excitement out there as... Read More

From Here to Unleashed
If you're interested in what personally drives me, you may want to read my recently published article on Amazon. talks about my early idealism and being a woman in a technical field. Co-author John Joyner tweeted it as "speaking from the heart." A female colleague told me it brought tears to her eyes. I didn't intend for it... Read More



20 hottest tech toys for the holidays

Cool Yule Tools 2013: Our Tester Elf-approved picks for awesome gadgety goodness.


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