Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Gift Guide 2013: Kid stuff and Geek Stuff

  Tall police SUVs latest tactic in stopping drivers who insist on texting | Microsoft bulks up security; brings encrypted email to Office 365 Enterprise bundles

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Gift Guide 2013: Kid stuff and Geek Stuff
Satisfy the kid in all of us (or actual kids) with some very cool tech toys Read More


New Video: How to Configure NetFlow v9 on a Cisco Router
Networks can grow fast—really fast. This rapid growth leads to increased network traffic, more endpoints, and new IPs consuming bandwidth. Key to a complete understanding of network behavior at your growing organization is the ability to collect and analyze NetFlow data in your routers. SolarWinds new video shows you how, in less than 5 minutes! Looking to enable Flexible NetFlow on your Cisco routers? In less than 5 minutes, SolarWinds lead Sales Engineer demonstrates how to enable NetFlow v9 on Cisco routers with custom flow records. Watch the short how to video now!


Major forces drive requirement for new application platform
Cloud computing, rampant mobility, Big Data, and social business have created challenges never seen before. There is a need for a new application platform. In this webcast, find out about the forces shaping the 'third platform', and why the move to the third platform is the only way to meet customer needs. Learn more

Tall police SUVs latest tactic in stopping drivers who insist on texting
The New York State Police have a new weapon to fight the plague of drivers that insist on texting while operating their vehicle: Great Big Tall SUVs. Most recently reported by the AP, NY has begun operating a fleet of 32 unmarked SUVs that let troopers more easily peer down into a car to see if the driver is texting or not. Read More

Microsoft bulks up security; brings encrypted email to Office 365 Enterprise bundles
Enterprises sending email via Office 365 will be able to encrypt those messages starting next year at no extra charge, making it possible to send secure mail to people who are off the corporate email system. Read More


How Lenovo Plans to Crack the Server Market
Known for its ThinkPad laptops, Lenovo is trying to find its way into the data center, despite the dominance of the Big 3: IBM, HP and Dell Read More


Trojan program 'Neverquest' a new threat to online banking users, researchers say
A new Trojan program that targets users of online financial services has the potential to spread very quickly over the next few months, security researchers warn. Read More

NASA may salvage its planet-hunter spacecraft after all
  It may come as no surprise to those who know NASA's penchant for coming up with amazingly cool solutions to major problems, but its still pretty intersting when you some major innovation pulled off. This maybe the case with NASA's planet-hunting space telescope Kepler, which has been out of commission since May and thought to be kaput. Read More

11 tech products we couldn't live without
Read More

Handheld scanner makes printing your 3D bust easier
With 3D printing all the rage this holiday season, one company wants to make it easier to recreate objects using a 3D scanner. Read More

Malware: War without end
Ceaselessly, with no end in sight despite outlays that amount to a tax on doing business, the decades-long struggle against malware drags on. Read More

Using local security to lock down your mobile device
Being able to lock your mobile device is important because, in many cases, it's your first line of defense. It may not be the strongest form of security -- in fact, it's arguably the weakest -- but it could prove to be the difference in protecting your organization by keeping the device locked down until mobile device management measures like remote wiping are put into play. Read More

Study: Companies are not as secure as they think
CompTIA, the nonprofit association for the IT industry, has a warning for companies: You are likely less prepared then you think for defending against security threats. Read More

Black Friday: The truth about its dubious deals
In the retail stampede that now marks the holiday shopping season, Black Friday is being trampled right along with the occasional unlucky store employee. We now live in a "Black November" dystopia: a nonstop onslaught of deals that starts the first day of November and lasts the entire month. Read More

12 jobs getting the biggest raises in 2014
The average salary for newly hired IT pros is expected to increase 5.6% in the coming year Read More



20-plus eye-popping Black Friday tablet, computer & tech deals

Apple iPads, latest Android and Windows machines all in for big discounts. Oh, and free snow globes.


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9. 20-plus eye-popping Black Friday tablet, computer & tech deals

10. NAS goes outside the box


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