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SC13: Elevation plays a role in memory error rates

  Mum's the word: Microsoft board 'doing really well' at keeping quiet | HealthCare.gov experiences another outage

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SC13: Elevation plays a role in memory error rates
With memory, as with real estate, location matters. A group of researchers from Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and the Department of Energy's Los Alamos National Laboratory have found that the altitude at which SRAM (static random access memory) resides can influence how many random errors the memory produces. Read More

RESOURCE COMPLIMENTS OF: Microsoft Corporation

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Managing the I/O Explosion Without Extra Hardware
In this Technology Spotlight, IDC highlights the unexpected I/O explosion brought about by virtualization and presents new technologies that deliver exceptional application performance without additional hardware by eliminating unnecessary I/O traffic at the source. Read more. Read Now!

Mum's the word: Microsoft board 'doing really well' at keeping quiet
Rumors aside, Microsoft's board of directors has done a good job of keeping the lid on its search for a CEO to replace Steve Ballmer, a public relations expert said. Read More

HealthCare.gov experiences another outage
Parts of HealthCare.gov, the two-month-old insurance-shopping website run by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, crashed for about an hour Monday, just days before agency officials say the site will be running smoothly for the "vast majority" of users. Read More

D-Wave pitches quantum co-acceleration to supercomputing set
Controversial quantum device maker D-Wave is hoping to find a home for its cutting-edge technology in the high-performance computing (HPC) market. Read More


Major forces drive requirement for new application platform
Cloud computing, rampant mobility, Big Data, and social business have created challenges never seen before. There is a need for a new application platform. In this webcast, find out about the forces shaping the 'third platform', and why the move to the third platform is the only way to meet customer needs. Learn more

Salesforce.com will do 'full review' of hackathon after controversy, Benioff says
Salesforce.com has come under fire from critics who say the "hackathon" it held at last week's Dreamforce conference was judged unfairly, and CEO Marc Benioff is now promising a thorough investigation. Read More

Super Computing 13: GPUs would make terrific network monitors
  A network researcher at the U.S. Department of Energy's Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory has found a potential new use for graphics processing units -- capturing data about network traffic in real time. Read More

California sues SAP over failed payroll software project
SAP has been slapped with a lawsuit by California's state controller over a payroll software implementation the office says cost taxpayers a vast sum of money, but has never worked correctly. Read More

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Total Economic Impact Of FlexPod Data Center Platform
The study examines the estimated ROI for the composite Organization and presents the aggregate findings derived from the interview and analysis process as well as from Forrester's independent research. View Now

Why the U.S. may lose the race to exascale
In the global race to build the next generation of supercomputers -- exascale -- there is no guarantee the U.S. will finish first. Read More

SC13: Experts debate thorny exascale memory issues
An expert panel at SC13 Tuesday said that solving the issues posed by modern memory technology will prove key to achieving exascale performance in supercomputing – but there was little agreement on the road map needed. Read More

NetApp updates flash, hybrid dedicated storage arrays
  NetApp is upgrading its lineup of dedicated storage systems, rolling out a faster all-flash array and improved platforms for branch offices and large enterprises. Read More

Geek-themed Meme of the Week: NSA/Obamacare Edition
No. 23 in our Geek-Themed Meme of the Week series features Skeptical Third World Kid asking a question that has occurred to many an American in recent months. Want more? Check out the "Geek-themed Meme of the Week Archive": And if you'd like me to consider one that you've found - or created - please feel free to send it to me at buzz@nww.com. Read More

Geek-Themed Meme of the Week Archive
They are inescapable on the Internet. Most are awful. A few are not, so we have started publishing a selection of memes that amuse me. One every week. Here's the archive. Read More



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