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Vonage Adds Video Messaging to Mobile App

gogoNET LIVE 4! IPv6 Conference Recap | Alcatel-Lucent says focus on fast broadband, IP is key to comeback

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Vonage Adds Video Messaging to Mobile App
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Analytics: The Real-World Use of Big Data
"Big data" is no longer confined to the realm of technology. Today, it is a business priority, given its ability to profoundly affect commerce in the globally integrated economy. Our newest research finds that organizations are using big data to target customer-centric outcomes, tap into internal data and build a better information ecosystem. Read Now

WHITE PAPER: Riverbed Technology

5 Reasons To Migrate From ACE to ADC
As you consider refreshing your legacy Cisco ACE application delivery infrastructure, consider migrating to the Riverbed® Stingray™ family of products. Stingray™ View Now

gogoNET LIVE 4! IPv6 Conference Recap
There have been many IPv6-related conferences, seminars, and events over the past decade. These events have aimed to educate the attendees about IPv6 and the potential of the maturing Internet protocol. This year's gogoNET IPv6 conference shows just how far these events have come. The gogoNET LIVE! events have also evolved into a hybrid on-site and virtual event that brings the conference proceedings... Read More

Alcatel-Lucent says focus on fast broadband, IP is key to comeback
With its new-found focus on IP networking and fast broadband access, Alcatel-Lucent is poised to take advantage of a worldwide explosion in mobile devices and the rush of service providers and operators to the cloud, company executives said at the networking vendor's tech symposium this week. Read More

As promised, Apple adds real-time collaboration to iWork for iCloud
Apple yesterday updated its online iWork for iCloud productivity apps, adding collaboration tools that let users simultaneously edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Read More

Holiday gift guide 2013 [2013 Cool Yule Tools]
The holidays are here, and it's time to rock! With more than 140 products to choose from, let us take you on a journey through our favorite personal technology products and gift ideas for the techie on your list. From phones to computers to the hottest video games, we've got a bunch of great gift ideas. Please peruse and share with friends and family! Read More


Repercussions of Poor Backups
Small and midsize businesses cannot tolerate the downtime and data loss from poor or failed backups. Whether you want to manage your own backup process or outsource it, learn key criteria to simplify configuration and administration, protect VMs by providing granular object recovery, and deduplicate data across physical and virtual environments. View Now

Gift Guide 2013: Photo and video gadgets
Like the world of smartphones and tablets, where there are so many choices and options that trying to highlight them all is an experiment in confusion, the world of digital cameras and video cameras presents a multitude of devices. For this wrapup, then, we're presenting a bunch of materials that the photographer and/or videographer would like to include in their arsenals, with a focus on things that let people watch videos or produce photos easier. Read More

Gift Guide 2013: Home and digital life gadgets
Like many categories that we've chosen for this year's holiday gift guide, the lines are blurred. Several devices within the "home" category could fall into the "Audio Gear", "Video gear" or "Work/Office Gear" categories, considering how much work we do at home, or how much home technology we bring to work. Read More

Gift Guide 2013: Health and fitness gadgets
There's no time like the present to start thinking about ways to make you feel better or get healthier. The gadgets and gift ideas presented here focus on exercise-related gadgets and two ways on getting a better night's sleep, which has been shown as one of the best ways to get healthier. Use these in-between your long bouts of videogame playing or video watching on the couch! Read More

Gift Guide 2013: Outdoor gear or travel gear
While many of these gift ideas would make for a better fit in our summer gadget gift guide, these outdoor gadgets could still be used in parts of the country (or world) where the chilling cold of winter hasn't struck yet. In addition, cases and things that protect your devices never go out of style, whether indoors or outdoors. Here are our favorite devices that sort of fit this category of outdoor gear or on-the-road gadgets: Read More

WEBCAST: Dell Wyse and VMware

Capitalizing on Desktop Virtualization
As more than half of those surveyed by IDG move to virtual desktop infrastructure, mastering its complexities has never been more important. With the right best practices and trusted partners, you can do just that--thus accelerating time to value, simplifying deployment and management, and creating organizational agility. View Now

Gift Guide 2013: Phones, tablets and computers
In the past, we used to separate out categories for cell phones, tablets and computers. In theory, we still could create separate guides just for those products - there are so many options to choose from and not a week goes by where another phone, tablet or computer hits the market. Read More

Gift Guide 2013: Extras and Accessories
Our annual holiday gift guide always ends up with devices and gadgets that we just can't fit into the other buckets. But rather than not consider them, we create a "miscellaneous" bucket. If you're an artist, creative type or are just looking for something to keep track of your keys, check out some of these gift ideas / suggestions: Read More

Geek-themed Meme of the Week: YouTube/Google+ Edition
No. 21 in our Geek-Themed Meme of the Week series represents the nascent backlash to the overwhelming backlash against Google's decision to require YouTube commenters to sign in using Google+ accounts. Want more? Check out the "Geek-themed Meme of the Week Archive": Read More

Geek-Themed Meme of the Week Archive
They are inescapable on the Internet. Most are awful. A few are not, so we have started publishing a selection of memes that amuse me. One every week. Here's the archive. Read More


Recent iOS app updates people hate

We looked at the top 100 iPhone and iPad apps in the Business category, free or paid, that were last updated in September or October 2013 to find the ones users HATE.


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4. Microsoft: No, we're not ditching on-premise Exchange

5. New Juniper CEO: Meet the real Shaygan Kheradpir

6. Nexus 5 is designed to work on Verizon Wireless, and most other networks

7. Juniper taps new CEO with CIO roots

8. Verizon: LTE service didn't keep up with demand

9. Cruise line plans 11ac network upgrades for stem-to-stern Wi-Fi

10. Wikileaks releases draft of long-secret trade proposal

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