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Many organizations struggle to define mobile work/play boundaries

20-plus eye-popping Black Friday tablet, computer & tech deals | Cell-phone mishaps and mysteries from the masses

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Many organizations struggle to define mobile work/play boundaries
The K-12 private education Paideia School in Atlanta now hands out about 550 Apple iPads each year to students for classroom teaching and homework purposes. And while students love them, some parents are now pressing the IT department to restrict use of apps on the devices because they think there's too much game-playing. Read More

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Don't Let App Performance Problems Drag You Down
Did you know: 73% of enterprises lose productivity due to poor application performance? And that's just the beginning of the issues resulting from poor application performance. Check out this exclusive IDG-Ipanema survey to learn about the far-reaching impacts of poor application performance, and what you can do about it. Learn More.

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High Performance Data Center Firewall Survey
With Data Centers consolidating and virtualizing, the core infrastructure is upgrading to 10G, 40G and even 100G. The Firewall must keep pace with these changes otherwise it becomes a bottleneck. Does your Firewall have the horsepower to keep up? View now >>

20-plus eye-popping Black Friday tablet, computer & tech deals
Apple iPads, latest Android and Windows machines all in for big discounts. Oh, and free snow globes. Read More

Cell-phone mishaps and mysteries from the masses
Real-life smartphone mini-disasters are widespread. They can be maddening and often amusing. Read More

Review: Yoga 2Pro flexes its multimode Windows 8 options
If you're going to be stuck with a Windows 8 (or 8.1) notebook, you might as well make it as interesting as possible, to help lessen the pain of having to deal with Windows as your operating system. Read More

Microsoft reveals Black Friday deals for Surface, laptops
Microsoft is whacking prices on Black Friday for its first generation Surface Windows RT tablets as well as for Windows 8 laptops and Xbox consoles. Read More

FCC proposes allowing in-flight cellular use on airplanes
The U.S. Federal Communications Commission will consider letting passengers use cellular services on airplanes, breaking with a ban that has been in place for years. Read More


Transforming Your Organization with Mobility
This whitepaper intends to help organizations understand the critical elements of a mobilization solution, the value and inter-dependencies, and important enablement assessment questions. Learn More

Gift Guide 2013: Home and digital life gadgets
Like many categories that we've chosen for this year's holiday gift guide, the lines are blurred. Several devices within the "home" category could fall into the "Audio Gear", "Video gear" or "Work/Office Gear" categories, considering how much work we do at home, or how much home technology we bring to work. Read More

Review: Google gets it right with Nexus 5 Android smartphone
Finally, Google's flagship smartphone can actually compete with other Android flagships Read More

White House wants 5,000 veterans in wireless tech jobs by 2015
The White House today said it strengthened the nonprofit program aimed at getting veterans and returning service members jobs in the hot wireless telecommunications arena. Read More

8 iPad Apps That Are Complex, Powerful and Advanced
Most people don't think of the iPad as a high-end computing device. These eight apps prove otherwise. Read More

Qualcomm tackling faster LTE, but how fast is up for debate
Mobile device chips coming next year from Qualcomm will be able to use wide spectrum bands that carriers are beginning to patch together with new technology, but its lofty performance claims need to be taken with a grain of salt. Read More

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Combat Disasters And Optimize Business Operations
Offsite data replication is key to ensuring ongoing business operations, but it can be complex and costly, especially when performed over long distances. Join this discussion to discover how you can apply fast, cost effective and reliable remote replication strategies and technologies. View now >>

Gift Guide 2013: Games and gaming gear
Let's face it - this holiday season is going to be really good for the video gamer on your holiday list. Not only are there two new gaming consoles coming out (the Xbox One and Sony Playstation 4), but there are a bunch of games that will keep you entertained for months on end. Plus the accessories to enhance those games and experiences continue to be top-notch. Read More

HP: 90% of Apple iOS mobile apps show security vulnerabilities
HP today said security testing it conducted on more than 2,000 Apple iOS mobile apps developed for commercial use by some 600 large companies in 50 countries showed that nine out of 10 had serious vulnerabilities. Read More

13 highly productive Android apps that play nice with your PC
Read More

AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint to stop charging for most premium text messages
Three major U.S. carriers have agreed not to charge their customers for premium text messages, which have emerged as a route for unauthorized third-party charges on mobile phone bills. Read More

18 cool apps that online journalists are using
Creativity reaching new heights thanks to latest photography, graphics, audio and video tools Read More


20 hottest tech toys for the holidays

Cool Yule Tools 2013: Our Tester Elf-approved picks for awesome gadgety goodness.


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