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The Linux holiday shopping guide

  Why you need to build career paths for nonmanagers | How to get more out of your virtualized and cloud environments
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The Linux holiday shopping guide
Some gift recommendations for those shopping for Linux nerds...or maybe even themselves. Read More


Top 3 Myths about Big Data Security
Data volumes are growing rapidly with no end in sight. Big data represents massive business possibilities and competitive advantage for organizations that are able to harness and use that information. But how are they protecting that data? This eBook addresses three myths of big data security. Learn More

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Free Trial Offer- Continuous Monitoring
Register now and get full access to Qualys Continuous Monitoring. No downloads. No software to install. Learn more

Why you need to build career paths for nonmanagers
In competitive markets, such as technology and IT, organizations that don't create career paths for both management and nonmanagement roles risk losing some of their top talent. Read More

How to get more out of your virtualized and cloud environments
IT orgs brace for an explosion in number of virtual machines. Read More


Gamification pitfalls and how companies are avoiding them
Gamification, the use of game mechanics and design techniques to motivate people to solve problems or achieve certain goals, has been in use at organizations for several years. But as the concept matures, organizations are expanding their use of gamification to reap additional benefits. Read More


IDG Contributor Network: Using lasers for backhaul Internet
You can now add lasers to the list of Internet delivery methods available. Here's what you need to know about a new combined optic and Millimeter wireless technology being pitched. Read More


Infographic: Data Access Governance
Did you know that 80% of enterprise data is unstructured and doubling every 90 days? Did you know that 76% of organizations find it challenging to control access to sensitive data? Read this Infographic to learn more. Learn More

11 technologies Apple has killed
Apple has pushed many technologies to extinction in favor of embracing new trends. Read More

Peter Thiel's 3 critical decisions for startups
At DEMO Fall 2014, legendary investor Peter Thiel told entrepreneurs to resist convention in founding a business. Read More

Sony Pictures hackers reportedly had help from insiders
Hackers under the banner of GOP (Guardians of Peace) claim to have worked with insiders from Sony Pictures to breach the company and then dump over 200MB of the company's "secrets." Read More

At least 150,000 Hikvision DVRs vulnerable to remote wipe of surveillance footage
Rapid7 discovered 150,000+ Hikvision DVRs vulnerable to attackers remotely deleting surveillance footage. Read More

Five Levers to Lower Mainframe MLC Costs
This paper discusses five levers you can use to lower your mainframe MLC costs by up to 20 percent or more. Explore best practices and real-world examples of dramatic savings through a mainframe MLC optimization strategy based on higher visibility, predictability, and automation. Learn More

No, Walmart, you can't walk away with my smartphone for price-matching purposes
Thanks to Amazon Marketplace fraudsters listing PS4 consoles for $90, Walmart fell prey to the scam before changing its online price-matching policy. Read More

Convert your car into a 2-ton video game console: What could go wrong?
The Baen Cube, which while merely a Kickstarter gleam at the moment, promises to ultimately "enhance your driving experience, letting you play games with your car." Read More

Google launching 20 Internet balloons per day
Yesterday we wrote about a South African farmer finding one of Google's Project Loon Internet balloons crashed on his property. Coincidentally, or at least I assume it was a coincidence, the Project Loon team yesterday issued a progress report in a blog post. Read More

Big IT vendors mostly mum on commercial drone plans
Reports say FAA could take very hard line on commercial drone use Read More



Top tech turkeys of 2014

This Thanksgiving, just be thankful you aren't associated with any of these people.


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4. 11 technologies Apple has killed

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6. Peter Thiel's 3 critical decisions for startups

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8. No, Walmart, you can't walk away with my smartphone for price-matching purposes

9. Peeping into 73,000 unsecured security cameras thanks to default passwords

10. Sony Pictures hackers reportedly had help from insiders


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