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Remember when Cisco sued Apple over the iPhone name?

New IT outsourcing model boosts bottom line | Notable deaths of 2014 from the worlds of technology, science & inventions

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Remember when Cisco sued Apple over the iPhone name?
Cisco Systems' General Counsel, explaining Friday's blockbuster patent and copyright infringement lawsuits against switching rival Arista Networks, emphasized that "I can count on one hand the number of times we've initiated suit against a competitor, supplier or customer." Mark Chandler might be right, but he's probably pretty close to having to resort to his second hand. And when Cisco does sue, it makes a splash. Remember when the company sued Apple seven years ago over the name of a forgettable little device dubbed iPhone? Read More


The Tipping Point - All Wireless Workplaces Outperform Wired
There is immense opportunity for exploring the strategic and expanding role that wireless networking plays in generating business value. This white paper explores trends with mobility and enterprise applications and the case for the "all-wireless workplace." Click to continue


Quintillion Case Study
Hedge fund administration company Quintillion doubles its asset and investor portfolio while keeping staff levels almost flat, by working with Insight 2 Value to deploy an efficient content management solution, based on IBM Case Manager. Read Now

New IT outsourcing model boosts bottom line
Faced with increased competition and pricing pressure, global service providers have been increasing their focus on their most lucrative business segments in recent years. And that restructuring is beginning to bolster their bottom lines. During the second quarter of 2014, IT outsourcing providers saw the highest growth in their operating margins in five years, according to outsourcing consultancy Everest Group.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here(Insider Story) Read More

Notable deaths of 2014 from the worlds of technology, science & inventions
In memoriam: We mourn the passing of IDG and MIT's own Patrick McGovern, and other industry influencers. Read More

Full speed ahead for 802.11ac Gigabit Wi-Fi
Last December customers were peppering wireless LAN vendors with questions about whether to upgrade to the pre-standard-but-certified 802.11ac products flooding the market or hold off until 2015, when more powerful "Wave 2" Gigabit Wifi gear was expected to become prevalent. A year later, even though Wave 2 products have begun trickling into the market, many IT shops seem less preoccupied with Wave 2 and more focused on installing the Wave 1 11ac routers, access points and other products at hand. Read More

: Venafi

Securing Keys and Certificates to Critical Assets
Today's most devastating cyber attacks—including ShellShock, Heartbleed and Zombie Zero—prey on trust. And that puts your digital certificates at risk. This informative resource center explores how next-generation trust protection can help you combat today's attacks, ensuring trusted access to critical assets. Learn More

Top 10 Tech stories 2014: Backlash! Disrupting the disruptors
Top stories include Uber's bumpy ascendancy, HP's breakup, Regin malware, Nadella taking reins at Microsoft and Alibaba IPO Read More

What Windows Phone needs: A truly fabulous flagship phone
As Microsoft floods the market with cheaper handsets, it's ignoring the power of one, great phone to lead the platform. Read More

In battle for sub-$200 smartphones, consumers will be the winners
By the the end of next year LTE smartphones will cost below $60 Read More


Overview of Samsung KNOX 2.0 Platform
This white paper details the technology of KNOX 2.0 including the platform security, application security, and MDM in addition to the certifications. Learn More

IDG Contributor Network: Bluetooth is about to connect straight to the Internet
A new version of Bluetooth, adopted and about to be ratified, is going to make Bluetooth the go-to choice for IoT connectivity, according to the developers. Read More

The latest mobile trend? Flip phones
Advocates cite ease of use, but the celebrity nude hack may have also played a part. Read More

Capriza drags and drops enterprise apps to a mobile-first world
The company has added tablet support to its development tool Read More

Zendesk brings embedded customer service tools to mobile apps
Customers who don't get help immediately will use another app, Zendesk said Read More

Is Sprint's new half-off deal a desperation move?
Sprint donned its boxing gloves with an extravagant offer to cut monthly wireless rate plans in half for new customers who switch to Sprint from either Verizon Wireless or AT&T. Read More


14 go-to tools for Mac sysadmins

Mac pro Gerard Allen shares his must-have sysadmin tools for enterprise Apple deployments.


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9. Notable deaths of 2014 from the worlds of technology, science & inventions

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