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30 years of Cisco: The networking giant's boldest predictions over the years

Why January could be a big month for Windows 10 | BYOD is saving serious money for IT

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30 years of Cisco: The networking giant's boldest predictions over the years
To celebrate Cisco's 30th birthday, let's look at the company's boldest bets on the internet over the years, and how they paid off. Read More


Spirent Testing for Confidence in Your Network
Excellent vendors have quality management systems with engineering teams who thoroughly develop, test, and standardize all test protocols, scripts and methodologies before implementation. Stringent testing processes are crucial, so we recommend vendors that offer you this type of end-to-end, real-world testing for assured equipment performance. Read Curvature's blog post and discover best practices for selecting a vendor, as well as the important testing procedures to look for in a vendor's quality assurance process.

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WHITE PAPER: Nexsan Technologies

Hybrid Approach Rewrites The Rules For Backup Storage
Exponential data growth and long-term retention requirements are putting tremendous pressure on IT professionals, and the constant pressure to reduce storage costs has led many IT departments to settle for the status quo when it comes to protecting their data. View more

Why January could be a big month for Windows 10
A new build, a consumer version, and Cortana are all planned for the start of the year. Read More

BYOD is saving serious money for IT
Savings have been anecdotal for a while, but now Gartner is measuring real dollar savings. Read More

Saisei brings visibility and control to software defined networks
Many companies are still reluctant to push SDN into production. Solutions like this could make it easier. Read More

IDG Contributor Network: Missing pieces in network design
How to design a system without requirements. Read More

How Docker built a whale from a single container
Few tech companies are as hot right now as Docker. Read More


4 Advantages of Multi-Tenant Data Centers
Increasing demands on IT are forcing organizations to rethink their data center options. For many organizations, that means turning to the flexibility afforded them by outsourced cloud solutions, which can provide exponential cost savings. Learn More >>

Woz says Apple's legendary garage beginning is a myth
One of the most persistent legends surrounding the origins of Apple is that the early employees toiled away in the garage of Steve Jobs' parents house, tirelessly putting in long hours to create what would become the Apple I. Actually, to call this story a "legend" is disingenious as it's essentially considered to be 100% fact. Or so we thought. Read More

Steam Broadcasting privacy settings control who can watch you play games
Valve is giving Twitch some competition by announcing that PC gamers using the Steam Beta client can broadcast their games or watch their friends playing games. For any Steam beta gamers concerned with the privacy implications of Steam Broadcasting, there are several solutions. Read More

Amazon enters the diaper market with Amazon Elements
Amazon is almost taking on a Google-esque mindset as the company continues to expand into every type of market imaginable. The latest news is that Amazon, believe it or not, will be selling its own line of diapers and baby wipes. Read More

17% of adult Internet users couldn't pick Bill Gates out of a lineup
Oh, sure, he's not in the news quite as often as when he was running Microsoft day to day, but Bill Gates – richest man in the world – remains one of the most famous people on the planet. Read More

IDG Contributor Network: Bluetooth is about to connect straight to the Internet
A new version of Bluetooth, adopted and about to be ratified, is going to make Bluetooth the go-to choice for IoT connectivity, according to the developers. Read More

WHITE PAPER: Riverbed Technology

Riverbed Optimization System: Technical Overview
The Riverbed Optimization System (RiOS™) powers Riverbed's unique line of SteelHead™ application acceleration appliances and Steelhead Mobile client software. RiOS is based on technologies that solve a range of problems affecting wide area networks (WANs) and application performance. View Now>>

'Very paranoid' Apple deleted rivals' music from iPods for 'security' reasons
Emails from the late Steve Jobs are included as evidence in a class-action antitrust suit against Apple. Apple admitted to being paranoid, but claims it deleted non-Apple files for security reasons. Read More

The cloud foils alleged police brutality coverup
Police delete video of officers punching suspect, but it's found in the cloud. Read More

The latest mobile trend? Flip phones
Advocates cite ease of use, but the celebrity nude hack may have also played a part. Read More

Report: FIN4 hacker tactics and security measures to thwart attacks
FireEye released a report detailing the Wall Street-savvy hacker group dubbed FIN4 that steals insider information in order to gain an advantage in stock trading. Here are the FIN4 tactics and security measures to help thwart attacks from the report. Read More

Why Apple can't meet its luxury brand expectations for the iPhone
To maintain its course, Apple will have to become the world's biggest luxury brand and outperform top luxury companies like Mercedes and BMW. Read More

IDG Contributor Network: How mirrored roofs will augment data center air cooling
A new roofing material could slash data center energy costs, if it can be made to work right. Read More


Cisco's top 10 innovations over the years

A look back at Cisco's most innovative moves in its 30 years in the industry.


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4. 30 years of Cisco: The networking giant's boldest predictions over the years

5. Cisco's top 10 innovations over the years

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7. Peeping into 73,000 unsecured security cameras thanks to default passwords

8. 5 ways to prepare for Internet of Things security threats

9. 8 free online courses to grow your tech skills

10. Top 10 states for tech workers willing to relocate

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