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About Wireless/Networking: The Cyber Monday After Party

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From Bradley Mitchell, your Guide to Wireless/Networking

If you're tired of emailtizements about Black Friday and Cyber Monday, relax. This week's newsletter offers something different - some useful and hopefully interesting information.

Useful Facts About the Domain Name System (DNS)
The Domain Name System (DNS) stores the names and addresses of public Internet servers. As the Web grew, the DNS rapidly expanded its capabilities to match, resulting in a distributed worldwide network of many thousands of computers today. Impress your techie friends by learning and sharing these interesting facts about DNS.
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Useful Facts About How Wi-Fi Works

One of the world's most popular network technologies, Wi-Fi connections support millions of people in homes, businesses, and public locations around the world. But how many people know even these basic facts about how Wi-Fi works?

Introduction to Content Delivery and Distribution Networks (CDN)
Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) are technologies that help distribute videos and other high-bandwidth network data across the Internet efficiently.
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Introduction to Wireless Speakers
This isn't your grandpa's transistor radio. Technology advances have led to several types of modern wireless speakers that are both useful and cool. (Did you get any good holiday deals?)
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