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Amazon Web Services updates console to simplify management

  Human error root cause of November Microsoft Azure outage | Forensic software gets around iCloud security features

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Amazon Web Services updates console to simplify management
As enterprises have increased the number of systems they run on Amazon Web Service's cloud, keeping track of it all has become more difficult. But the company is now trying to rectify that with the help of better tagging.Tags are used to organize resources on Amazon's cloud and have become increasingly important as companies use its infrastructure in more sophisticated ways. To make tags more useful, Amazon has upgraded its management console with resource groups and the Tag Editor tool.Resource groups are used to create collections of servers, storage buckets, databases and so on. The Tag Editor is used to manage tags across services and regions, Amazon said in a blog post on Wednesday.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here Read More


Maximize MS Server 2003 Migrations with SanDisk Flash
Migrating away from Windows Server 2003 is an investment in your organization's future, and there has never been a better time to begin the migration process. Take the next step to transform your datacenter by upgrading your server platform with leading edge Windows Operating Systems and SanDisk flash solutions. Learn more >>

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20 Questions You Want Answered About Flash
All-Flash Arrays can impact the success of your data center roll-out. See why you should consider XtremIO to fulfill your storage requirements. Learn More

Human error root cause of November Microsoft Azure outage
Human error was the culprit for a November outage of the Microsoft Azure cloud storage service. The company is hoping that recent updates that automate formerly manual processes will help prevent similar outages in the future. "Microsoft Azure had clear operating guidelines but there was a gap in the deployment tooling that relied on human decisions and protocol," wrote Jason Zander, Microsoft vice president for Azure, in a blog post Wednesday detailing the outage. "With the tooling updates the policy is now enforced by the deployment platform itself."To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here Read More


Improving Collaboration by Adding Social to Email
This paper looks at why email remains the primary mode of communication in business today and the fact that more and more organizations are looking at social software and other real-time communication methods to add to the email experience. Read Now

Forensic software gets around iCloud security features
A Russian software company has updated its forensic software to work-around the security features Apple recently added to iCloud and increased what information can be extracted from the cloud storage service.Elcomsoft's Phone Breaker software now supports the two-factor authentication process Apple added to iOS 8 in September for accessing iCloud, Vladimir Katalov, CEO of the Moscow company, said Wednesday in a blog post.The catch to using the software, which pulls files including photos, calendar information and call logs from iCloud, is that some information about the account is required to access the storage service, according to information on the company's website. Either an Apple ID, password and the second form of authentication or a binary authentication token are needed to use Phone Breaker.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here Read More


Case Study: Performance Bike
Performance Bicycle created an interactive Learning Center seamlessly linked to its e-commerce site. By leading engaged, inspired visitors to the e-commerce site, the company boosts conversion, drives online sales and supports its growth objective. Learn More

How CIOs Can Prepare for Healthcare 'Data Tsunami'
  The volume of healthcare data is growing at a staggering rate, bringing with it a host of technical, compliance and governance challenges for CIOs working in that sector. A recent report from EMC and the research firm IDC offers a few imaginative ways at visualizing that proliferation, anticipating an overall increase in health data of 48 percent annually. The report pegs the volume of healthcare data at 153 exabytes in 2013. At projected growth rates, that figure will swell to 2,314 exabytes by 2020.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here Read More

Qualcomm, Intel and Brocade join group pushing 2.5G, 5G Ethernet
The NBASE-T Alliance – a recently formed umbrella group of networking industry players dedicated to keeping standard Ethernet cabling relevant – announced a dozen new members on Monday, including big names such as Intel, Qualcomm and Brocade.The group was founded just seven weeks ago by a consortium of four companies: Cisco, Aquantia, Freescale and Xilinx. The idea is to promote the development of 2.5 and 5 Gigabit Ethernet via regular cat 5e and cat 6 cable.+ ALSO ON NETWORK WORLD: How IBM's Watson could change your business | Sony hackers release more data, promise 'Christmas gift' +To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here Read More

1987: Jobs explains mouse to Playboy
Spotted this one on Reddit's section devoted to the "mildly interesting:" In a 1987 interview with Playboy -- which we read back then for the articles, if you recall -- Steve Jobs was asked what's up with this mouse contraption. PB: Most computers use key strokes to enter instructions, but Macintosh replaces many of them with something called a mouse––a little box that is rolled around on your desk and guides a pointer on your computer screen. It's a big change for people used to keyboards. Why the mouse?SJ: If I want to tell you there's a spot on your shirt, I'm not going to do it linguistically: "There's a spot on your shirt 14 centimeters down from the collar and three centimeters to the left of your button." If you have a spot––"There!" [He points]––I'll point to it. Pointing is a metaphor we all know. We've done a lot of studies and tests on that, and it's much faster to do all kinds of functions, such as cutting and pasting, with a mouse, so it's not only easier to use but more efficient.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here Read More



The Onion's 10 greatest gags about Google

Here are 10 of what we believe are its better efforts.


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