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Former Marine fights to connect veterans with IT jobs

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Microsoft takes slow, cautious path to protecting IE against POODLE | VCs bet $33M you'll want to use Avi Networks' white box hardware for app delivery

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Former Marine fights to connect veterans with IT jobs
Nick Swaggert, a former infantry officer with the U.S. Marine Corps, sees untapped talent in returning soldiers, and he's committed to helping them find career opportunities in the tech world. Swaggert is Veterans Program Director at Genesis10, an outsourcing firm that provides IT consulting and talent management services. Read More

WEBCAST: CenturyLink and Intel

Enterprise NoSQL and Big Data in the Public Cloud
The importance of infrastructure in getting the right performance in the enterprise context and a persuasive business case for making the move from internal hosting to the public cloud. Learn More

WHITE PAPER: Nexsan Technologies

Hybrid Approach Rewrites The Rules For Backup Storage
Exponential data growth and long-term retention requirements are putting tremendous pressure on IT professionals, and the constant pressure to reduce storage costs has led many IT departments to settle for the status quo when it comes to protecting their data. View more

Microsoft takes slow, cautious path to protecting IE against POODLE
Microsoft yesterday added an optional anti-POODLE defense to Internet Explorer 11 (IE11), and promised that additional protection would be switched on by default in two months. Read More

VCs bet $33M you'll want to use Avi Networks' white box hardware for app delivery
Avi Networks, a network startup formed by ex-Cisco executives and backed by $33 million in venture capital, came out of stealth Wednesday with the announcement of a system designed to boost the performance of enterprise applications accessed via the cloud and mobile devices. Read More

Google and Avaya to bring Chromebooks and WebRTC to call centers
Google and Avaya are chasing companies seeking to install or upgrade call center systems, promising them easier and more affordable deployments via Chromebooks and a WebRTC interface to the Avaya customer support software. Read More


Top 5 Criteria for Data Center Transition to Private Cloud
Converged Infrastructure Solutions are changing the game for data centers and private cloud implementations. How can you extend your data center into a private cloud? Top five recommendations for selecting converged infrastructures. View now

iWARP update advances RDMA over Ethernet for data center and cloud networks
The challenge for data center operators selecting a high performance transport technology for their network is striking the ideal balance between acquisition, deployment and management costs, and support for high performance capabilities such as the remote direct memory access (RDMA) protocol. Read More

Heat your home this winter with… a cloud server
At least two European companies have a novel way for residents and businesses to save some money on their heating bills. Read More

Aerohive and Cloud4Wi offer retailers turkey customer engagement solution
This is certainly a fascinating time in the retail industry. It seems we are moving closer to the "Minority Report" type of experience where someone like John Anderton can walk through a store or mall and see billboards automatically change to target their interests. Read More

WEBCAST: APC by Schneider Electric

Building Tomorrow's Data Center with Converged Technologies
A number of forces are converging: the cloud, converged infrastructure, big data and fabric architectures to name a few. And if those weren't enough, data center professionals must keep systems up 24 by 7, keep data secure, meet compliance obligations and keep costs and energy usage under control. It's a tall order. Learn More

Building a private cloud, of sorts, with OwnCloud
Getting cloudy has always been a mixed proposition in the IT world. Your users want the convenience of using a variety of devices and having their work accessible on all of those devices from wherever they are, whereas you still have to worry about data security, lost computers, federal regulation and the control that is necessary to ensure your organization's information technology resiliency. Read More

Over 30 vulnerabilities found in Google App Engine
Serious vulnerabilities exist in Google App Engine (GAE), a cloud service for developing and hosting Web applications, a team of security researchers has found. Read More

'SpoofedMe' attacks exploited LinkedIn, Amazon social login flaws
IBM's X Force security researchers found an easy way to gain access to Web accounts by taking an advantage of an oversight in how some social login services are configured. Read More


Cisco's top 10 innovations over the years

A look back at Cisco's most innovative moves in its 30 years in the industry.


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7. 11 technologies Apple has killed

8. Microsoft tells Windows 10 users to uninstall Office

9. Microsoft sues AT&T customer for activating pirated copies of Windows 7 & Office 2010

10. Arista fires back at Cisco's suits

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