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10 predictions for IT in 2015

A brief history of Mac malware | Why Comcast's pro-net neutrality ads are totally disingenuous

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10 predictions for IT in 2015
If I am right, this will be a tough year for tech and everyone else. Read More

WHITE PAPER: Curvature

Whitepaper: Peers vs. Policy
Companies are interested in a single point of contact, on-site vendor support, more comprehensive network knowledge, and support for end-of-life products. To keep up with these evolving requirements, IT decision makers are considering peer advice and alternative maintenance. View now

: Venafi

IT Security's Responsibility: Protecting Mobile Certificates
When it comes to protecting mobile certificates, IT security leaders must act responsibly - with next-generation trust protection. Find out how Forrester rates IT security leaders' knowledge and understanding of keys and certificate technologies for mobile. Learn More

A brief history of Mac malware
A run-down of Apple's complicated history with malware. Read More

Why Comcast's pro-net neutrality ads are totally disingenuous
The giant cable company and ISP is running commercials claiming to support the "Open Internet." Don't believe it for a second. Read More

1987: Jobs explains mouse to Playboy
In a 1987 interview with Playboy -- which we read back then for the articles, if you recall -- Steve Jobs was asked what's up with this mouse contraption. Read More

Revamping the cloud for real-time applications
Increase in use of real-time applications is creating problems for the cloud. Read More

WHITE PAPER: F5 Networks

Fight Malware, Malfeasance and Malingering
Every year brings an even more extreme set of threats to the enterprise than the last. The good news is that enterprises have a range of mitigation options. The question is which solution offers the organization the greatest protection and control without adding complexity or unnecessary costs. Learn more >>

Sony Baloney
Hack at Sony Pictures exposes other cybersecurity issues: ignorance, hype, and the lack of a national and International strategy. Read More

IDG Contributor Network: Wi-Fi most important hotel feature, survey says
A good night's sleep isn't as important as Internet connectivity, according to a recent report. Read More

Avaya's secret weapon: Engagement Development Platform
There is one product that can help Avaya rise above the noise of UC. Read More

Was 2014 the beginning of the end for Samsung?
At the beginning of 2014, I predicted that Samsung's smartphone dominance would start to ebb. It looks like I was right. Read More


Buyer's Guide to Enterprise File Sync and Share
As an IT professional, you understand sync and share software is a growing part of today's workflow—but the workers you support consider it essential to their daily activity. Learn More

Polycom unifies Lync Unified Communications
The concept of unified communications (UC) is still more of a vision than it is a reality. Read More

Will Microsoft sue the makers of Adblock Plus?
Microsoft, Google, and a group of French publishers are reportedly planning to sue developers of ad-blocking software because it has been a bit too effective and popular. Read More

IDG Contributor Network: 2015 will be the year of cryptocurrency, with a little work
Bitcoin keeps growing. We may need to think about it differently, though. Read More

The Onion's 10 greatest gags about Google
"America's Finest News Source," better known as The Onion, has been poking fun at Google for more than a decade. Here are 10 of what we believe are its better efforts. Read More

Congress gave feds the gift of constitutional spying on every Americans' communications
It is the season of gifting and boy-oh-buddy did Congress ever give the NSA a free pass for the gift of spying! Read More


A brief history of Linux malware

A look at some of the worms and viruses and Trojans that have plagued Linux throughout the years.


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2. Worst security breaches of the year 2014: Sony tops the list

3. The weirdest, wackiest and coolest sci/tech stories of 2014

4. The Onion's 10 greatest gags about Google

5. Vulnerability in embedded Web server exposes millions of routers to hacking

6. 7 tips for speeding up OS X Yosemite (and a last resort if they don't work)

7. Six technologies that will change PCs next year

8. Think North Korea hacked Sony? Think about this

9. Suing Arista was always the plan

10. Did Alcatraz escapees survive? Computer program says they might have

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