Thursday, December 04, 2014

Cloud upstarts: Too cheap to trust?

30 years of Cisco: The networking giant's boldest predictions over the years | Dropbox pursues enterprises with new Business API

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Cloud upstarts: Too cheap to trust?
Hosting provider launched a $0.99 per month cloud server this fall, which is significantly less expensive than the $0.013 per hour starting price for market-leader Amazon Web Services' on-demand Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) virtual machines. Read More


Conquering the Top 5 Enterprise Data Protection Challenges
How are today's CIO's overcoming today's datacenter challenges? IT must push for 100% virtualization, simplified disaster recovery systems, and efficient data protection solutions to achieve greater administrative efficiencies and meet these demands. Learn more

WEBCAST: CenturyLink and Intel

Enterprise NoSQL and Big Data in the Public Cloud
The importance of infrastructure in getting the right performance in the enterprise context and a persuasive business case for making the move from internal hosting to the public cloud. Learn More

30 years of Cisco: The networking giant's boldest predictions over the years
To celebrate Cisco's 30th birthday, let's look at the company's boldest bets on the internet over the years, and how they paid off. Read More

Dropbox pursues enterprises with new Business API
Though it offers a business-tier plan, Dropbox has historically lacked a full-blown business platform on the order of Box and its APIs. That's about to change with the introduction of the Dropbox for Business API. Read More

How to get more out of your virtualized and cloud environments
After Dammions Darden arrived as the new senior systems administrator for the city of Garland, Texas, he knew that the 50 to 60 physical hosts for this 234,000-person city outside of Dallas were not running nearly as efficiently as they could be. Some had excess capacity, others were running way too hot. Read More


4 Advantages of Multi-Tenant Data Centers
Increasing demands on IT are forcing organizations to rethink their data center options. For many organizations, that means turning to the flexibility afforded them by outsourced cloud solutions, which can provide exponential cost savings. Learn More >>

Zendesk brings embedded customer service tools to mobile apps
Zendesk sees customer service as a way for its users to distinguish themselves from competitors and now allows them to bring that customer service advantage to their mobile, game and Web apps.T Read More

HP rolls data analysis tools into the cloud
The pool of online data analysis services available for corporate users is about to grow larger, with HP set to offer two of its own, key products as hosted cloud services by early next year. Read More

OpenDNS reinforces cloud security with ties to Check Point, ZeroFOX, others
OpenDNS has developed a partner API that lets security vendors connect their technologies to the OpenDNS cloud for enforcement, effectively extending protection to any device no matter where it connects to the Internet. Read More

WHITE PAPER: Nexsan Technologies

Hybrid Approach Rewrites The Rules For Backup Storage
Exponential data growth and long-term retention requirements are putting tremendous pressure on IT professionals, and the constant pressure to reduce storage costs has led many IT departments to settle for the status quo when it comes to protecting their data. View more

How to get the most out of your IT talent
For CIOs and IT leaders, the management challenge is how to help IT employees break the tactical habit and use their strategic skills more effectively. Read More

Amazon Web Services tweaks cloud pricing structure
Amazon Web Services is providing more payment options for its cloud-based virtual machines, allowing users to lock in a price and pay either entirely upfront, or throughout the life of a one- or three-year contract. Read More

CoreOS's Rocket launch aimed directly at Docker
Citing concerns around Docker's security model and its increasingly complex supporting platform, CoreOS is developing Rocket, an alternative to the open-source container technology. Read More

5 signs that a vendor won't make It to 2020
I'm not going to call them out by name. I'm not that fond of getting nasty calls from PR folks, but I'm going to list what I think the conditions are for failure and you can then apply those conditions to your vendors to see how they fit. Read More


14 go-to tools for Mac sysadmins

Mac pro Gerard Allen shares his must-have sysadmin tools for enterprise Apple deployments.


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