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Is enterprise IT more difficult to manage now than ever?

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Cisco's top 10 innovations over the years | 5 ways to prepare for Internet of Things security threats

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Is enterprise IT more difficult to manage now than ever?
Today's enterprise IT departments face conflicting priorities, impossible goals, and existential threats with no obvious solutions. Read More

WHITE PAPER: Nexsan Technologies

Hybrid Approach Rewrites The Rules For Backup Storage
Exponential data growth and long-term retention requirements are putting tremendous pressure on IT professionals, and the constant pressure to reduce storage costs has led many IT departments to settle for the status quo when it comes to protecting their data. View more

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WHITE PAPER: Curvature

The State of IT Infrastructure & Operations
The challenge that IT decision-makers face is the pressure to reduce costs paired with the pressure to progress digital maturity. Curvature analyzes why businesses miss significant CapEx and OpEx cost savings and how to refocus IT strategy. View now

Cisco's top 10 innovations over the years
A look back at Cisco's most innovative moves in its 30 years in the industry. Read More

5 ways to prepare for Internet of Things security threats
For businesses and consumers alike, the Internet of Things is helping create smarter, more efficient devices. For enterprise IT and security professionals, it's also creating a headache. Read More

Iowa to put driver's licenses on mobile phones
The first project of its kind, Iowa's driver's licenses are going the way of the credit card. Read More

2014: The year smartwatches died
The excitement for smartwatches that kicked off this year has devolved into widespread disappointment. Read More

: Venafi

Gaps In SSH Security Create An Open Door For Attackers
As an IT security leader, are you on top of SSH security for your organization? It's key to next-generation trust protection. Find out what Forrester reveals as gaps in that security—gaps that could put your organization in peril. Learn More

38 government agencies to collect, share Americans' electronic health records
Why does the Bureau of Prisons need access to the health records of non-felon Americans? It is just one of 38 agencies slated to collect, share and use Americans' health records under the new Federal Health IT Strategic Plan. Read More

iPhone 6 Plus review: It's not big enough!
Many reviewers and users have said the iPhone 6 Plus is too large. They've got it backwards. Read More

Comcast sued for launching public Wi-Fi hotspots from customers' routers
Customers complain of higher electric bills, slower internet speeds since Comcast used their in-home routers to launch public Wi-Fi hotspots. Read More

Companies are movin' on up to .com domain names
More businesses are investing in the tried-and-true .com after seeing their efforts with new domain names fall flat. Read More


Guide to Managing and Lowering Mainframe Software Charges
Monthly license charges (MLC) are rising by 7% or more each year, and account for 30% of total mainframe costs. Yet managing MLC costs is an inexact science. This best practice guide provides a step-by-step process to reduce mainframe MLC costs up to 20% without compromising business critical services. Learn More

IDG Contributor Network: Do you know your VoIP?
Not all service providers are created equal when using VoIP on a global basis. Read More

Heat your home this winter with… a cloud server
Introducing Heating-as-a-Service Read More

Aerohive and Cloud4Wi offer retailers turkey customer engagement solution
Capitalizing on the arms race for tools that improve the in-store shopping experience, Aerohive establishes a strong partnership. Read More

Sony may have used Amazon's cloud to launch a counter DoS attack after its breach
How should companies respond to a breach? Read More

Amazon crowd pokes fun at $40,000 TV
They don't seem to appreciate the fact that it's been marked down from $45,000. Read More

Former Apple manager sentenced to prison for selling secrets for cash
Back in 2010, an Apple global supply manager named Paul Shin Devine was arrested for providing Asian suppliers with confidential information, such as product pricing and sales projections, in return for cash and gifts. When the dust settled, prosecutors alleged that Devine made off with over $2.5 million in illegal kickbacks. Read More


Cisco's top 10 innovations over the years

A look back at Cisco's most innovative moves in its 30 years in the industry.


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1. Sony may have used Amazon's cloud to launch a counter DoS attack

2. iPhone 6 Plus review: It's not big enough!

3. 11 technologies Apple has killed

4. A brief history of Linux malware

5. 30 years of Cisco: The networking giant's boldest predictions over the years

6. Peeping into 73,000 unsecured security cameras thanks to default passwords

7. The POODLE flaw returns, this time hitting TLS security protocol

8. Cisco Acquires Neohapsis: A Sign of the Times

9. Cisco was surprised by Arista statements: Chambers

10. Cisco sees a data analytics fortune at the edge of the network

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