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A terabyte on a postage stamp: RRAM heads into commercialization

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  Cisco: See No EVO, Hear No EVO, Speak New Partnerships | Microsoft announces features and performance improvements for many Azure services

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A terabyte on a postage stamp: RRAM heads into commercialization
The makers of a new non-volatile RAM said the memory is ready to move from a prototype to a fabrication facility, where 1TB chips the size of a postage stamp will be produced and tested.Silicon Valley start-up Crossbar expects some of its 3D Restive RAM (3D RRAM) products to be out in 2016 as memory in wearable devices, with high-density storage devices like solid-state drives arriving within 18 months after that.RRAM starts out with an advantage over NAND flash, which has been approaching a density dead-end. RRAM is natively denser than NAND, with higher performance and endurance. The best NAND products today have 100,000 erase-write cycles. Crossbar's 3D RRAM can sustain 100 million write cycles, according to Sylvain Dubois, Crossbar's vice president of marketing and business development.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here Read More

WHITE PAPER: Nexsan Technologies

Hybrid Approach Rewrites The Rules For Backup Storage
Exponential data growth and long-term retention requirements are putting tremendous pressure on IT professionals, and the constant pressure to reduce storage costs has led many IT departments to settle for the status quo when it comes to protecting their data. View more


Accelerate Business Operations with Cloud
IBM Software-as-a-Service solutions for business operations accelerate innovation and deliver secure, always up-to-date collaborative solutions. Learn More>>

Cisco: See No EVO, Hear No EVO, Speak New Partnerships
It hasn't been lost on the IT vendor community and IT professionals that Cisco is absent from the VMware EVO:RAIL partner program. With all of the powerhouses participating in the program, you'd think that Cisco would jump right into the mix. Considering Cisco's growth in the server market and the fact that it doesn't currently have its own storage play, this opportunity appears to be ideal for Cisco.EVO:RAIL with VSAN would make perfect sense -- or would it.Cisco already participates with converged infrastructure with enterprise-focused partners EMC/VCE and NetApp. Both companies are significant contributors to the Cisco UCS businesses. Cisco jumped in with IBM to offer the VersaStack Integrated Solution– seems like a customer control play on Cisco's part -- but a good one to potentially hedge against EMC/VCE and NetApp. Cisco also certified the Maxta software stack, and placed an investment in Stratoscale. Both of these attention-grabbing approaches are intended to turn UCS servers into a virtualization platform with their own storage fabric.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here Read More

Microsoft announces features and performance improvements for many Azure services
Microsoft announced updates to many Azure services this week, previewing new services and moving others from preview to general availability as full working versions.For those running virtual machines (VM) in the Azure cloud, there are now two ways of using SSDs to improve performance. In addition to the D series virtual machines that use SSD for a temporary disk that caches only data the VM is currently using, to speed up things like NoSQL database workloads or SQL Server caching, Microsoft is previewing Premium Storage using SSDs on its new DS series VMs.With Premium Storage, users permanently attach one or more SSDs to their VM to get up to 32TB of fast, low-latency storage for running workloads like SQL Server, Oracle Database, MySQL, SAP Business Suite, Dynamics and other applications that need such high I/O speeds that they couldn't normally be run in the cloud.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here Read More


Selecting a Web Content Management Solution
According to Ovum, selecting an appropriate web content management (WCM) system has become a challenge for organizations due to the array of products available. Read their latest report and find out: -How the WCM market is evolving -Why IBM Customer Experience Suite is considered a market leader Learn More

12 most eye-popping VC tech deals of 2014
While the three largest venture capital deals of the year in the technology industry went to consumer-focused startups, most of the other top investments went to companies building products that could reshape the enterprise IT landscape. Read More

Microsoft to open-source cloud framework behind Halo 4 services
Microsoft plans to open-source the framework that helps developers of cloud services like those behind the popular Halo 4 game.Building cloud services for millions of users means connecting and coordinating thousands of servers, and handling tasks and information across all of them. Project Orleans is a framework built by the eXtreme Computing Group at Microsoft Research using .NET, designed so developers who aren't distributed systems experts can build cloud services that scale to cope with high demand and still keep high performance.The Orleans framework was used to build several services on Azure, including services that are part of Halo 4, and Microsoft had an enthusiastic response when it released a public preview of the technology in April this year. Now Sergey Bykov of the eXtreme Computing Group says (http://orleans.codeplex.com/) they will open-source the project.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here Read More


IBM Value-based Archiving Solutions
This solution brief highlights IBM Value-based Archiving Solutions, which help enable organizations to apply specific archiving logic—including content-based analytics and classification, records declarations, and metadata processing—to address the requirements of archiving projects. View Now>>

When management meddles with passwords
There's a password discussion ongoing today in the section of Reddit populated by system administrators and it was prompted by this lament: I work in sales now, and I was a former Network Administrator. Today I got an email from management that is asking everyone for their recently changed domain passwords (apparently this is a common practice for the company).This immediately throws up a red flag to me as the last thing I want to do is email/send/distribute my Domain password to someone else. Management or IT. I went to management and explained the security risks with storing everyone's passwords …To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here Read More

New products of the week 12.15.2014
Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as CA and VMware Read More

The best office apps for Android
Which office package provides the best productivity experience on Android? We put the leading contenders to the test Read More



A brief history of Linux malware

A look at some of the worms and viruses and Trojans that have plagued Linux throughout the years.


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