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About Wireless/Networking: Fighting Malaria (and Other Neglected Diseases)

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From Bradley Mitchell, your Guide to Wireless/Networking

Want to help find the next breakthrough in malaria drug research? Consider joining the FightNeglectedDisease@Home distributed network and donate some of your machine cycles.

How Computer Networks Work - Introduction to Devices

During the past 20 years, the planet has gradually been covered by computer networks of various kinds. Understanding the basics of how these networks function helps us learn how to use them and also increases our awareness of the changing world around us. This installment of our series on "How Computer Networks Work examines devices - hardware systems that connect and communicate with each other.

Does Geolocation Really Work?

In computer networking, IP addresses do not correspond exactly to geographic locations. It is still theoretically possible, however, to determine the physical location of an IP address in many cases... .

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Introduction to Network Cables
Despite advances in wireless technologies, many computer networks in the 21st century continue utilizing cables as a physical medium for devices to transfer data. Several different types of network cables exist, each designed for specific purposes.
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Connect Two Home Computers for File Sharing
The simplest kind of home network contains exactly two computers. You can use this kind of network to share files, a printer or another peripheral device, and even an Internet connection. To connect two computers for sharing these and other network resources, consider the options described in this article.

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