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Best iPhone 7 design concepts so far

FIRST LOOK: IBM and Apple's new enterprise apps for iOS | Is enterprise IT more difficult to manage now than ever?

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Best iPhone 7 design concepts so far
The 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus have given Apple smartphone fans much of what they wanted: bigger screens, a better camera and NFC wireless for payments and other apps. So what’s left for the iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, iPhone 7 or whatever comes next? Read More


Why IT Struggles with Mobility
This paper chronicles the adventures and misadventures of the enterprise mobile app journey based on our observations working with industry leaders who have weathered three years of pain to arrive at the same conclusions. Learn More

WEBCAST: Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

Best Practices in Transforming a Legacy Network
The explosion of mobile device use is testing the limits of legacy networks everywhere. In this webcast you will learn how Abilene Christian University meets the mobile access demands of 4500 University students, and 250,000 connections per day. Learn More

FIRST LOOK: IBM and Apple's new enterprise apps for iOS
Business-focused apps for everything from social work to air travel. Read More

Is enterprise IT more difficult to manage now than ever?
I’ve been thinking about enterprise IT a lot lately, and I’ve decided it’s time to recognize just how difficult the job is becoming. I’ve been covering technology for longer than I care to admit, and I can’t remember things ever being this hard in the world of corporate technology. Just before Thanksgiving, I tried to put a brave face on the challenges facing enterprise IT by noting that some of the things IT most likes to complain about–BYOD, loud security, diversity, and shadow IT—also come wrapped with significant silver linings.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here Read More

Aerohive and Cloud4Wi offer retailers turnkey customer engagement solution
Capitalizing on the arms race for tools that improve the in-store shopping experience, Aerohive establishes a strong partnership. Read More


Forrester 2014 Dynamic Case Management Wave
Forrester has released its 2014 Dynamic Case Management Wave, and for the second consecutive time, IBM is a leader. View Now>>

The best PC laptops of the year
We've tested too many laptops to count, and now we're ready to name the ones we'd spend our own money on. Read More

iPhone 6 Plus review: It's not big enough!
Many reviewers and users have said the iPhone 6 Plus is too large. They've got it backwards. Read More

Patent battles risk disrupting Xiaomi's international expansion
A patent dispute has forced Xiaomi to stop its smartphone sales in India Read More


Overview of Samsung KNOX 2.0 Platform
This white paper details the technology of KNOX 2.0 including the platform security, application security, and MDM in addition to the certifications. Learn More

Microsoft sets Windows 10's consumer reveal for Jan. 21
Microsoft has scheduled more Windows 10 revelations for Jan. 21, 2015, sending invitations today to journalists, reviewers and bloggers.The day-long event will take place at Microsoft's Redmond, Wash. campus, and will provide "more details on the Windows 10 consumer experience," according to the invitation. Previously, Microsoft had promised that it would disclose the upcoming operating system's consumer-side features and focus in early 2015.MORE ON NETWORK WORLD: 10 (FREE!) Microsoft tools to make admins happier Microsoft will also use the event to issue another Windows 10 preview to replace the string it has released since the original Sept. 30 launch of the enterprise-centric Technical Preview.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here Read More

The future is now: The 10 biggest tech innovations of 2014
It's amazing and it's realPerhaps the most noticeable story in consumer hardware in 2014 was what didn’t ship. Intel’s 14nm Broadwell chips suffered massive delays. AMD never introduced a new line of graphics cards. Valve’s hotly anticipated Steam Machines failed to launch whatsoever. Blech.But don’t let the no-shows fool you. Some staggering technological innovation hit the streets in 2014—tremendously powerful gear that seemed like futuristic fantasy but is sitting on store shelves today.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here Read More

9 reasons good employees leave -- and how you can prevent it
The people who work for you are your greatest asset. Treat them as such and they will be more productive and engaged, refer other great workers to your organization and stay longer. Treat them as a liability and they will be less productive and eventually leave, hurting morale as well as the bottom line.ALSO ON NETWORK WORLD: How to lure tech talent with employee benefits, perks So as the New Year approaches, if you don't have a great employee retention strategy in place, then it's time to start formulating one.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here Read More

Why disaster recovery planning can save lives
From Katrina to Sandy, tornadoes in the planes, flooding in the south, wildfires throughout the West, natural disasters threaten our world with destruction every year. The cost to rebuild and recover is phenomenal, so companies across the globe are investing in disaster recovery solutions to mitigate their losses and protect their data from these cataclysmic events.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here(Insider Story) Read More


Cisco's top 10 innovations over the years

A look back at Cisco's most innovative moves in its 30 years in the industry.


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