Monday, November 10, 2014

Peeping into 73,000 unsecured security cameras thanks to default passwords

Dell's gambit to go private is working. Should Microsoft follow? | Silk Road's demise paves way for 'unstoppable' OpenBazaar's rise

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Peeping into 73,000 unsecured security cameras thanks to default passwords
A site linked to 73,011 unsecured security camera locations in 256 countries to illustrate the dangers of using default passwords. Read More

WHITE PAPER: F5 Networks

Architecting the Network of the Future
Today, both IT and the business are requiring more of their networks. But networks designed to simply forward packets don't have the capability or the intelligence to understand today's high-level, application-related demands. Networks need to change, as does the way IT thinks about and manages them. Learn more >>

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WEBCAST: Dell Inc.

The Human Side of IT Security
The importance of IT security has vastly increased with the expansion in mobility, cloud computing, and social networking. Securing the organization is difficult enough, but it is considerably more difficult because of a number of factors tied to people. Learn more

Dell's gambit to go private is working. Should Microsoft follow?
No one was sure how Michael Dell's risky move would work out. Turns out, it's working out pretty well. Read More

Silk Road's demise paves way for 'unstoppable' OpenBazaar's rise
The peer-to-peer market could fill Silk Road's shoes, and it could be much more difficult to bring down. Read More

Don't burn CurrentC at the Apple Pay heresy stake just yet
A response to readers' passionate defense of Apple Pay, which is advanced in comparison to the credit card industry's glacial innovation. Read More

Juniper Networks doubles down on virtualization
With a virtual offering of its flagship product, Juniper takes a huge step forward in network functions virtualization. Read More

Cortana deemed 'dumbest' in Siri vs Cortana vs Google Now tests
How smart is the artificial intelligence behind Apple, Google, and Microsoft's personal assistants when asked difficult questions? Not very. Read More


Secure the Use of Portable Media in Critical Infrastructure
Securing critical infrastructure is crucial to ensuring that our current way of life is sustained. Our whitepaper provides insight into the development of strong security policies around the use of portable media, and how to effectively mitigate the threat from external sources. Learn more

The smartphone that knows when it's been stolen
If your phone could get to know you, then it could learn to prevent access when someone else tries to use it. Read More

Undisclosed use of cameras roils Harvard
Harvard University is coming under fire from some quarters for having conducted class-attendance research that involved the use of video cameras in 10 lecture halls holding some 2,000 students. Read More

IDG Contributor Network: How cellphones steal from air-gapped computers
Sensitive data can be leaked from isolated, non-networked computers using radio waves, according to new security research. Read More

Aruba embraces beacons for customized mobile experiences
How Aruba is using Wi-Fi and ad beacons to improve in-person customer experiences. Read More

Bitcoin Checkout app takes on Apple Pay
A Bitcoin app embraces NFC, but will it really challenge Apple Pay? Read More

WEBCAST: CenturyLink

Effective collaboration = exceptional customer engagement
Now on Demand! IT leaders are constantly required to do more with less, but even as new digital technologies now play the most vital role in engaging customers, many IT groups spend 75% of their resources on legacy application maintenance. Join us to learn how IT organizations can pivot from maintenance to creation and innovation. View now

Riverbed is now a FORCE in hybrid WANs
At its FORCE user conference, Riverbed laid out its plan to adapt its optimization tools for the hybrid WAN. Read More

One lawyer may have just killed part of the Internet of Things
By showing the intrusive nature of a smart TV, the whole pitch for IoT gets a lot harder. Read More

iPad Pro with 12.2-inch display reportedly in the works
Building on rumors that Apple is working on a larger-screened iPad, the Japanese-language Macotakara reported over the weekend that Apple is developing an iPad Pro with a reported 12.2-inch display. Read More

The Linux desktop-a-week review: ChromeOS
A look at ChromeOS as a desktop environment, specifically discussing Aura and Aura Shell. Read More

ACLU Executive Order 12333: NSA may be laughing at your sex tape
The ACLU warned that 'NSA analysts may be laughing at your sex tape' thanks to surveillance under Executive Order 12333. Read More

How NOT to do remote PC searches: Experts explain tech dangers of Rule 41 changes
A trio of experts explained the technical dangers of the proposed changes to Rule 41, or 'how NOT to do remote computer searches.' Read More


20 great productivity apps for Android, iOS, and the Web

These 20 essential apps work on all three platforms, helping you stay productive no matter what device you or your co-workers use.


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1. Google: Move over cloud, the next IT disruption is upon us

2. Cisco patches serious vulnerabilities in small business RV Series routers

3. 15 addictive video game picks from the Internet Archive's new arcade

4. FBI grabs a Most Wanted Cyber Fugitive

5. Black Friday sales promise iPhone 6 deals

6. One lawyer may have just killed part of the Internet of Things

7. After criticizing it, Cisco joins Open Compute

8. Experts: Don't use Apple Pay, CurrentC until crooks get a shot at them

9. AT&T, others launch OpenDaylight SDN alternative

10. Credit Card Skimming: How thieves can steal your card info without you knowing it

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