Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Air Force veteran to IT: 'Live your dreams'

5 things to watch for at Amazon's re:Invent cloud conference | Hot products from AWS: reInvent

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Air Force veteran to IT: 'Live your dreams'
Retired Air Force Major Brian Shul isn't an IT expert, but his stories of survival and recovery -- and of flying the world's fastest jet -- captivated the IT audience at a national management conference. Read More

WEBCAST: Centrify Corporation

Enterprise SaaS Security and Governance Considerations
The security and governance impact of SaaS-based applications has been tremendous due to a lack of IT visibility and control. This Webcast explores how to mitigate the risks in applications like Salesforce, GoogleApps, Dropbox, and more. Learn more >>


The New IT
Explore enhanced productivity for IT staff, and seamless integration across IT operation management systems. Download now. Learn More

5 things to watch for at Amazon's re:Invent cloud conference
Amazon Web Services is in a unique position in the cloud computing market. It has been anointed the market leader in IaaS, with a scale and spectrum of services offered from its cloud that is unmatched by any other company. Researchers have recently estimated that AWS's Iaas cloud revenue is 30x that of Microsoft Azure's. Read More

Hot products from AWS: reInvent
As the show gets rolling this week, here are some of the products on display. Read More

Amazon doesn't eat its own DNS dogfood
Amazon.com uses domain name systems (DNS) from competitors instead of its own Amazon Web Services' DNS named Route 53, according to a DNS tracking service. Read More


Top 5 Truths About Big Data Hype and Security Intelligence
Big Data Security Analytics (BDSA) is the subject of exuberant predictions. However, a Gartner analyst points out that no available BDSA solutions come close to these forecasts. Nevertheless, the principles of Big Data are the key to advanced security intelligence. This white paper discusses the key tenets of Big Data. Learn more >>

Cisco, Arista disaggregating?
Should Cisco and Arista make like Cumulus Networks and develop versions of their operating systems for bare metal hardware? If the market shifts dramatically toward white box switching from brand name networking, they may have to. Read More

Docker gets some competition with new Joyent, Canonical containers
Watch out, Docker! You're no longer the only container-based virtualization technology on the block. Spurred by the sudden success of Docker, platform services provider Joyent and Linux distributor Canonical have each open-sourced their container technologies. Read More

Nasuni raises the bar for hybrid cloud storage
As growth in cloud-based storage products continues to accelerate, enterprise vendors have taken cloud storage to the next level. The hybrid model, which utilizes both local and offsite storage, offers organizations a way to more seamlessly scale up and manage large amounts of data with a single-vendor service. Read More

WHITE PAPER: Dell Software

Future-proof your mobility strategy with Dell EMM
Looking for ongoing ways to securely connect your mobile team to the resources they need today and in the future? Read this new white paper to learn how Dell Enterprise Mobility Management can help your IT team adapt as devices, operating systems and work habits constantly evolve. Learn more

As Firefox turns 10, Mozilla trumpets privacy
Mozilla today pulled out the PR stops to trumpet the 10th anniversary of Firefox, and in celebration released an interim build of Firefox 33 that includes a new privacy tool and access to the DuckDuckGo search engine. Read More

Cloud computing claims a pivotal role in 2015
Martin Slominis had a problem familiar to lots of IT executives: His staff didn't have the capacity to fulfill all the demands users put on his department. Read More

10 open source projects proving the power of Go
A mere five years in the wild, Google's Go is a language on the cusp. Lightweight and quick to compile, Go has stirred significant interest from early adopters due to its generous libraries and abstractions that make it easier to program concurrent and distributed (read: cloud) applications. Read More


Ten operating systems for the Raspberry Pi

The OSes the Raspberry Pi can run will amaze you!


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