Monday, November 24, 2014

How tech companies got their names

Top tech turkeys of 2014 | Why I am not deleting my Uber app

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How tech companies got their names
From Apple to Amazon to Microsoft to Twitter, the names of some of the world's most popular tech companies tend to have interesting and significant backstories. Read More

WHITE PAPER: Curvature

The State of IT Infrastructure & Operations
The challenge that IT decision-makers face is the pressure to reduce costs paired with the pressure to progress digital maturity. Curvature analyzes why businesses miss significant CapEx and OpEx cost savings and how to refocus IT strategy. View now


Web Security: Protecting The Heart Of Your Business
Much like your home needs electricity or water to make it habitable, companies require the Internet for most of their business-critical functions. The business risks of not being able to connect with customers over the Internet or recovering from a data breach are significant. Learn More

Top tech turkeys of 2014
This Thanksgiving, just be thankful you aren't associated with any of these people. Read More

Why I am not deleting my Uber app
I no longer use Uber, but I would never delete the app. Read More

10 enterprise Internet of Things deployments with actual results
A look at some real-world IoT deployments that have actually delivered on the technology's massive promise. Read More

How does a Windows bug go undetected for 19 years?
The disclosure of a two-decade-old bug in Windows exposes the realities about software development. Read More

: Samsung

Manage the Changing Requirements for Enterprise Mobility
Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) is not a static technology. Read this eBook to better understand the phases that make up EMM, and the challenges that those phases present. Learn More

Cloud security grows up
Comprehensive cloud security services are taking over the market. Read More

Why the Moto 360 is winning the smartwatch race
Market researcher Canalys reports another spike in wearables, Gartner predicts health and fitness wearables will disappoint in 2015. Read More

What it's like living on a Chromebook, Part 2
Trying to tackle media editing on a Chromebook. Read More

Uber and Google are abusing user data for fun
Recent revelations about Uber and Google suggest that web companies may have their own purposes for your data. Read More

WHITE PAPER: PC Connection | EMC

Infrastructure Builds Tomorrow's Data Center
Thought Leadership Report: 'Integrated Computing Platforms: Infrastructure Builds for Tomorrow's Data Center.' Highlights the challenges customers face when planning to deploy a Cloud Infrastructure. View Now

AWS re:Invent(ing) IT, Business Models and Marketing
AWS held its 3rd annual re:Invent user conference with 13,500 attendees in Las Vegas. While the event had similarities to other IT conferences that included an expo floor, keynotes, and sessions I was fascinated with. Read More

No, Google Glass isn't dead
The accepted wisdom today among tech wags is that Google has given up on Glass. Oh, really? Read More

IDG Contributor Network: Mobile data billing going toll-free?
Consumers worry about mobile data costs, which hinders their website visitation. Letting website owners pay for a user's wireless data may be the answer. Read More

Ransomware: City of Detroit didn't pay, Tennessee sheriff's office did pay to decrypt
The mayor of Detroit admitted the city's database was held ransom, but Detroit didn't cave to extortion. When hit with CryptoWall, a sheriff's office in Tennessee DID pay to get back 'autopsy reports, witness statements and crime scene photographs.' Read More

Tesla Model X will feature dual-motor system and ability to tow
During its most recent earnings conference call, Tesla disclosed that the highly anticipated Model X would be delayed until the third quarter of 2015. Last week, Tesla emailed Model X reservation holders and informed them that the wait will be worth it. Read More


Pi, translated: The evolution of Raspberry Pi

It's only been two years, but the Raspberry Pi has already come a long way.


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