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About Wireless/Networking: Wireless, Electricity, and Content Distribution

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From Bradley Mitchell, your Guide to Wireless/Networking

To support the high-speed Internet connections many enjoy from the comfort of their homes, extremely powerful cables are installed across cities and countries. Researchers recently demonstrated fiber optic cables operating at 225 terabits per second. That's 10 million times what most homeowners get.

Introduction to Wireless Power (Electricity)
Wireless electricity may seem like the dreams of science fiction, but some examples of it exist in real life today, and more are on the way.
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Introduction to Content Delivery and Distribution Networks (CDN)
Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) are technologies that help distribute videos and other high-bandwidth network data across the Internet efficiently.
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What Is Cloud Computing?
The first CDNs were a precursor to "The Cloud." Today's so-called cloud computing systems consist of hardware and software resources made available on the Internet as managed third-party services.

Introduction to Powerline Networking and HomePlug
Most home computer networks are built to support a mix of devices communicating over Wi-Fi wireless and/or wired Ethernet. Powerline home network technology represents an alternative way to connect these devices that offers some unique advantages.
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