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14 go-to tools for Mac sysadmins

  Fidelity's top IT exec sees potential in A.I. | Office 365's spam filter gets smarter at sorting bulk mailings

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14 go-to tools for Mac sysadmins
What's in a Mac admin's toolbox? Former Apple employee Gerard Allen shared some of his favorite tools. Read More


The Critical Need for Edge Data Protection
IDC believes the need to protect sensitive data residing on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices is more critical than ever. CommVault Edge can meet end user demands by delivering a secure solution that allows users access to their data anywhere. Learn More


Forrester 2014 Dynamic Case Management Wave
Forrester has released its 2014 Dynamic Case Management Wave, and for the second consecutive time, IBM is a leader. View Now>>

Fidelity's top IT exec sees potential in A.I.
  For several years, Stephen Neff, enterprise CTO at Fidelity Investments, has been focusing on the cloud, social tools and mobile. Now he's turning his attention to emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, gamification and wearables. Read More

Office 365's spam filter gets smarter at sorting bulk mailings
In time for the holiday shopping season, Microsoft has refined how Office 365 handles bulk promotional emails from vendors like Amazon, eBay and Macy's. Those messages, which contain special offers, newsletters and other sales incentives, fall into a gray area between legitimate email and obvious spam. Read More

Would Amazon Web Services ever build an on-premise private cloud?
Like some of its major competitors, would Amazon Web ever offer an on-premises private cloud management software? AWS Vice President of Marketing Ariel Kelman wouldn't rule it out - "never say never" he said - but he added that company executives have discussed doing it, but it just doesn't fit AWS's business model at this time. Read More


Moving Data and Apps to the Cloud: 3 Key Considerations
In this live discussion join Rohit Ghai, COO of the Information Intelligence Group of EMC, as he shares valuable insights on what to consider when shifting an IT landscape to the cloud. Learn More

New IBM service shines a light on mobile device and app performance
The company is also unveiling cloud-based virtual desktops for mobile devices. Read More

Google's gigabit-Internet service in Austin priced at $70 per month
Google will offer a basic version of its broadband service for no monthly charge when it launches soon in Austin, Texas, with the 1Gbps service priced at $70 per month. Read More


Pharma company prefers vertical industry cloud
Cloud services designed specifically for particular industries are becoming more common, especially in highly regulated fields. That benefits companies such as Questcor Pharmaceuticals, which wanted a cloud-based CRM system but couldn't find what it needed from one-size-fits-all vendors. Read More


WHITE PAPER: PC Connection
5 Steps for Building a Secure Cloud
The cloud promises impressive gains in infrastructure agility, efficiency, and cost reduction, but the greatest barrier to cloud adoption continues to be security. Read this white paper to learn best practices for keeping your data and your organization safe. Learn More>>

SMBs get their very own Salesforce app store
Users of Desk.com, Salesforce's cloud-based customer service product for small and medium-size businesses, now have an app store designed just for them. Called Desk.com App Hub, the store offers 50 apps from Salesforce partner companies that handle functions including group chat, social monitoring, language translation and e-commerce analytics. Read More

Yamaha joins all-in migration to the public cloud
Yamaha Corporation of America, maker of musical instruments and high-end audiovisual gear, has joined the ranks of mid-size enterprises leaving their data centers behind and going all in with public cloud infrastructure as well, almost. Its Oracle ERP and Cisco voice system remain on-premises for now. Read More

No, Walmart, you can't walk away with my smartphone for price-matching purposes
Thanks to Amazon Marketplace fraudsters listing PS4 consoles for $90, Walmart fell prey to the scam before changing its online price-matching policy. The price-matching abuse scheme recently had some Walmart managers befuddled enough they wanted to take my smartphone to a back office to check prices. But no, Walmart, you can't walk away with my phone. Read More

Contain yourself: The layman's guide to Docker
Welcome to the age of containerization, where an ecosystem led by startup Docker is leading IT organizations to ineffable peaks of efficiency, helping them scale their workloads ever-higher, and probably baking them a nice cake to boot (it's my birthday, I have cake on the brain, sue me). Read More



Top tech turkeys of 2014

This Thanksgiving, just be thankful you aren't associated with any of these people.


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