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Android creator Andy Rubin leaving Google

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10 cool new features found in iOS 8.1 | Motorola Droid Turbo: four things wrong and four things right

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Android creator Andy Rubin leaving Google
He was currently in charge of Google;s robotics efforts Read More


The Tipping Point - All Wireless Workplaces Outperform Wired
There is immense opportunity for exploring the strategic and expanding role that wireless networking plays in generating business value. This white paper explores trends with mobility and enterprise applications and the case for the "all-wireless workplace." Click to continue

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WHITE PAPER: SevenTablets

Mitigating Your Biggest Mobile Strategy Risk: User Rejection
Did you know eight out of ten apps are downloaded, used once, and deleted? User rejection is the greatest risk to your mobile strategy. This white paper outlines how to mitigate this risk by planning a user-friendly experience that balances responsiveness, intuitiveness, and functionality. Learn More

10 cool new features found in iOS 8.1
Don't be fooled: iOS 8.1 is no mere "dot" release. This rapid update from Apple is chock-full of great new features, several of which could change how you work, shop, and share. Read More

Motorola Droid Turbo: four things wrong and four things right
The smartphone will be out Thursday from Verizon Wireless Read More

Apologetic Microsoft unleashes Xim globally for Android, Win Phone
Worldwide availability of the photo-sharing app is coming soon for iOS devices Read More

iOS 8 app crash rate falls 25% since release
In the six weeks since its release, iOS 8's app crash rate has declined more than 25% as app developers have adjusted to new APIs and issued updates. Read More

BlackBerry upgrades BBM with timed messages
The feature will be part of a premium subscription bundle BlackBerry is planning to launch Read More

WHITE PAPER: Flexera Software

Six Steps to Continuous Application Readiness
This paper outlines the six key steps of an Application Readiness process, and explains how Flexera® Software's solutions, AdminStudio Suite and App Portal, can reduce the risk and cost of ongoing service transitions by providing a consistent approach to delivering application services on a regular basis. Learn More>>

A thorough field test of Apple Pay
No gimmicks, just life: We put Apple Pay through its paces to figure out if the future of mobile payments is here. Read More

Sony's new mobile chief has hands full as handsets struggle
Hiroki Totoki has to revive interest in Xperia smartphones in a crowded market where Sony lags Read More

Major banks ready their own mobile payment apps
The apps could prove a major competitor for Apple Pay and competing products Read More

What you should know about Lenovo's Motorola acquisition
No products are being discontinued and Motorola's Android strategy remains intact Read More

Startup Capriza scores $27M to Zapp legacy apps into mobile ones
Capriza, a startup that helps enterprises convert their legacy apps into mobile- and cloud-based ones, Thursday announced it has racked up an additional $27 million in venture funding. That should be enough to help Capriza scale its business on the marketing and sales side, and maybe even have enough left over to afford a drummer and bassist to form a company band (more on that later…). Read More


Hybrid Clouds: Deriving the Biggest Business Impact
According to a global base of respondents to a 2014 Gigaom research study,1 35 percent cited innovation or competitive advantage as a driver for adopting cloud computing, and 45 percent either want to or already run some applications for their companies in the cloud. View now>>

CurrentC already hacked
CurrentC, the looming Apple Pay competitor, sent an email out on Wednesday indicating that it had been hacked Read More

Movie industry yells 'Cut!' on wearables in theaters
Two U.S. movie industry groups, citing piracy concerns, have adopted a zero-tolerance policy on wearables with cameras Read More

BlackBerry promises a blast from the past with BlackBerry Classic
BlackBerry tries to bring back the sort-of glory days, or at least, hold onto its most faithful users, by teasing an even better version of its once-legendary phone design. Read More

Ruckus hopes to raise a rumpus in the small-business Wi-Fi market
Already a major player in the SMB networking space, Ruckus now wants to grab a slice of the small office/home office pie. Read More

Apple downplays disruptive potential of Apple SIM, while carriers rush to protect turf
Everyone wants to know whether the carrier-agnostic SIM built into new iPads will ever reach iPhones. Users would love it, but carriers would hate it, and Apple's not pushing the issue. Read More

The early, awkward days of "portable" computing
You kids today are spoiled by your modern-day razor-thin ultrabooks. Come take a look portable technology that required some muscle. Read More


20 great productivity apps for Android, iOS, and the Web

These 20 essential apps work on all three platforms, helping you stay productive no matter what device you or your co-workers use.


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1. Krita Desktop: A free, open source painting tool, maybe as good as Photoshop

2. CoreOS: A lean, mean virtualization machine

3. Google's Inbox: Just more "Nannyfication" of productivity

4. Cortana deemed 'dumbest' in Siri vs Cortana vs Google Now tests

5. Facebook sets up shop on the Tor anonymity network

6. 12 Shocking Social Media Horror Stories

7. 20 cool things you can do with a Raspberry Pi

8. SDN company goes open source

9. Just where are the world's hackers located?

10. Cisco, others pushing 2.5G, 5G Ethernet

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