Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Cisco Launches Project Squared Collaborate App, IX5000 TelePresence Series

  How to set up 802.1X client settings in Windows | Cisco funds university research into VoIP security

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Cisco Launches Project Squared Collaborate App, IX5000 TelePresence Series
Cisco made three announcements earlier this week at Collaboration Summit 2014 including the launch of Project Squared as a cloud-based collaboration app, an alliance with Box that contributed to the Project Squared app, and the latest upgrades to the Cisco TelePresence portfolio with the Cisco TelePresence IX5000 series.Project Squared is a business collaboration app built on the Cisco Collaboration Cloud that combines chat, audio, video, multi-party meetings and content sharing. Users can download the app to mobile devices with the option to also connect using a web browser to log in from any computer. Project Squared securely links physical conference rooms through the cloud to external devices. With the app, users can start a room and invite others to the collaboration session to share messages, post files, and start voice and video calls. Files are rendered in the cloud, eliminating the need to download files to view content.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here Read More

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How to set up 802.1X client settings in Windows
Understanding all the 802.1X client settings in Windows can certainly help during deployment and support of an 802.1X network. This is especially true when manual configuration of the settings is required, such as in a domain environment or when fine-tuning wireless roaming for latency-sensitive clients and applications, like VoIP and video.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here(Insider Story) Read More



Understanding DMARC for Securing Email Channels
Learn more about how DMARC is combined with existing authentication technologies to create secure email channels, and provide receivers with clear directives on how to safely dispose of unauthorized email - all at Internet scale. Learn more!

Cisco funds university research into VoIP security
Cisco It's understandable why Cisco Systems would fund university research into VoIP security: The vendor has a lot at stake if customers lose faith in the technology.The company is right up there with Microsoft atop the broader unified communications and collaboration market, as measured by the likes of Synergy Research and Gartner.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here Read More

: Samsung

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FTC gets federal court to shut down $120M tech support scam
The Federal Trade Commission today said a federal court has temporarily shut down two telemarketing operations that it says conned tens of thousands of consumers out of more than $120 million by deceptively marketing computer software and tech support services. The FTC claims that since at least 2012, the defendants – including companies known as PC Cleaner, Inbound Call Experts and Boost Software -- have used software designed to trick consumers into thinking there are problems with their computers, then subjected those consumers to high-pressure deceptive sales pitches for tech support products and services to fix their non-existent computer problems.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here Read More



Pi, translated: The evolution of Raspberry Pi

It's only been two years, but the Raspberry Pi has already come a long way.


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