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7 enterprise-grade gadgets built for business

15 addictive video game picks from the Internet Archive's new arcade | Here's where to get LinkedIn with Network World

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7 enterprise-grade gadgets built for business
The consumer technology market abounds with gadgets. Many are cool, but they won't help you get work done. However, these seven devices will. Read More


The Tipping Point - All Wireless Workplaces Outperform Wired
There is immense opportunity for exploring the strategic and expanding role that wireless networking plays in generating business value. This white paper explores trends with mobility and enterprise applications and the case for the "all-wireless workplace." Click to continue

WEBCAST: Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

Integrating Mobility with Unified Access
Meeting mobility demands of 4500 students, faculty and staff at a university is no small task. Join this Webcast to hear the Director of Enterprise Infrastructure explain the steps Abilene Christian University took to deliver a new level of student-faculty interaction. Learn More

15 addictive video game picks from the Internet Archive's new arcade
Kiss your productivity goodbye, and kiss your sense of nostalgia hello with these classics of the video arcade, thanks to the Internet Archive. Read More

Here's where to get LinkedIn with Network World
Please follow Network World on LinkedIn for the latest news and discussion on all things enterprise networking Read More

Don't burn CurrentC at the Apple Pay heresy stake just yet
A response to readers' passionate defense of Apple Pay, which is advanced in comparison to the credit card industry's glacial innovation. Read More

AT&T extends network to Mexico with $2.5B lusacell acquisition
The deal is aimed at creating a unified network between the U.S. and Mexico Read More

WHITE PAPER: Curvature

Whitepaper: Peers vs. Policy
Companies are interested in a single point of contact, on-site vendor support, more comprehensive network knowledge, and support for end-of-life products. To keep up with these evolving requirements, IT decision makers are considering peer advice and alternative maintenance. View now

Despite some Lollipop rollout delays, Nexus users should still get OS this month
A bug, now fixed, that caused unexpected battery drain in some Android smartphones, delayed some over-the-air rollouts of Android 5.0 (Lollipop). Read More

Microsoft Office advancements are a boost for BYOD programs
Businesses with mobile workers can do more on more devices with Microsoft Office upgrades for iPhone, iPad and Android. Read More

Apple iOS, OS X universe reacts to WireLurker malware threat
Threat to iOS devices like iPhones and iPads first seen in China; Apple says it has taken action; Android fans gloat Read More

12 great Lollipop APIs every Android 5.0 developer will love
From 3D views to managed provisioning processes, there's a lot for Android app developers to love about Lollipop Read More

: Dell Software

Anatomy Of A CyberAttack
Do you know how to keep cyber-criminals out of your network? Cyber-criminals employ complex techniques to avoid detection as they sneak into corporate networks to steal intellectual property. Don't give the bad guys the keys to your network. Learn how to protect your organization from emerging threats in our e-book. Read Now

IDG Contributor Network: How cellphones steal from air-gapped computers
Sensitive data can be leaked from isolated, non-networked computers using radio waves, according to new security research. Read More

Apple unveils new enterprise support plan
Four months after Apple and IBM announced a partnership to amalgamate IBM's big data and analytics capabilities with Apple's iPhone and iPad, Apple launched a new support offering for enterprises. Read More

6 things Galaxy Note 4 does that iPhone 6 can't
The Apple iPhone 6 and Galaxy Note 4 are two of the hottest smartphones available, but they each have their own individual strengths and weaknesses. Here are six ways the Galaxy Note 4 outperforms the iPhone 6. Read More

Ten operating systems for the Raspberry Pi
The OSes the Raspberry Pi can run will amaze you! Read More


20 great productivity apps for Android, iOS, and the Web

These 20 essential apps work on all three platforms, helping you stay productive no matter what device you or your co-workers use.


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1. Google: Move over cloud, the next IT disruption is upon us

2. Cisco patches serious vulnerabilities in small business RV Series routers

3. 15 addictive video game picks from the Internet Archive's new arcade

4. FBI grabs a Most Wanted Cyber Fugitive

5. Black Friday sales promise iPhone 6 deals

6. One lawyer may have just killed part of the Internet of Things

7. After criticizing it, Cisco joins Open Compute

8. Experts: Don't use Apple Pay, CurrentC until crooks get a shot at them

9. AT&T, others launch OpenDaylight SDN alternative

10. Credit Card Skimming: How thieves can steal your card info without you knowing it

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