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How Silicon Valley startups try to lure top engineering talent

  Microsoft reveals Windows 10's administrative features | Hacking traffic lights given as example of possible G20 cyberattacks

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How Silicon Valley startups try to lure top engineering talent
A recruiter who specializes in finding top engineering talent for high-profile startups dishes the tech-recruiting dirt—from typical packages to the best company from which to poach talent. Read More

WHITE PAPER: Curvature

The State of IT Infrastructure & Operations
The challenge that IT decision-makers face is the pressure to reduce costs paired with the pressure to progress digital maturity. Curvature analyzes why businesses miss significant CapEx and OpEx cost savings and how to refocus IT strategy. View now

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: McAfee

Needle in a Datastack Report
The volume of security-related data today can make identifying a threat like looking for a needle in a haystack. Yet collecting more data also plays a transformational role in information security. Organizations need to learn how to harness and sift through this wealth of information to protect themselves from the threats they face every day. Learn more >>

Microsoft reveals Windows 10's administrative features
IT rejected Windows 8 a lot more harshly than consumers. Will these new features placate them? Read More

Hacking traffic lights given as example of possible G20 cyberattacks
G20 is an "irresistible target for hackers" whether they are nation-state sponsored, spies or Anonymous hacktivists, warned a security expert. An Australian spy agency has also warned businesses to "brace" for cyberattacks expected around the G20 Summit. Read More

Amazon CTO: Come build apps on our cloud!
  AWS is making it easier to build apps on the company's cloud Read More

What would a world with infinite, free cloud storage look like?
Cloud storage just keeps getting bigger and cheaper. What happens when it gets to free and infinite? Read More

Home Depot IT: Get hacked, blame Windows, switch execs to MacBooks
If IT can't deploy patches in a timely fashion, then take a page from Home Depot and blame Windows after getting hacked. Read More


Top 5 Truths About Big Data Hype and Security Intelligence
Big Data Security Analytics (BDSA) is the subject of exuberant predictions. However, a Gartner analyst points out that no available BDSA solutions come close to these forecasts. Nevertheless, the principles of Big Data are the key to advanced security intelligence. This white paper discusses the key tenets of Big Data. Learn more >>

Cisco winning SDN battle: Chambers
Does Cisco want to beat back SDN competitors, or the trend itself? Read More

Microsoft open sources all of the .Net framework
Plus, Microsoft makes Visual Studio free for small teams. Read More

How the FCC can justify regulating U.S. internet
An ugly word – regulation – but it made the internet fast and inexpensive in South Korea and elsewhere. Now ranked No. 17 in the world and sinking, the U.S. needs a remedy. Read More

Google's super-secret process for finding potential employees
Do your web browsing habits make you look smart enough to work at Google? Read More

Juniper's board sings goodnight Shaygan
An oddly timed ouster of CEO opens the door for a trusted employee who's been with the company since the beginning. Read More

: Pivotal

Big Data Analytics
In this in-depth PDF, InfoWorld explains how to make sense of big data using new analysis tools and abundant processing power to pluck critical insights from the massive volumes of corporate and external data. View now

Forget the pollsters: Microsoft's Bing predicted midterm election with 95% accuracy
The search engine continues its track record of astonishingly accurate predictions. Read More

Juniper needs to get it right this time
Company's reputation with customers rides on yet another CEO selection Read More

Samsung Developer Conference: Wearables, virtual reality, and the smart home
  Samsung delivered the Simband ehealth wearable, Project Beyond VR camera, and SmartThing IoT for developers interested in these potentially disruptive technologies to touch, feel, and experience. Read More

How Amazon's cloud solved the "perfect storm" in networking
AWS VP offers a look inside their cloud Read More

Pica8 blends SDN with traditional networking
As the SDN market shakes out, the companies that can help companies bridge the gap with traditional networks will be in a good position. Read More

When Outlook drag-and-drop stops working ...
So the drag-and-drop functionality in Microsoft Outlook flat-out stopped working for me this morning, presumably because it's Monday. I've never had this problem before, so I didn't know how to fix it. Read More

Americans feel they have no privacy, don't trust government or advertisers
Only 2% of Americans surveyed 'just about always' trust the government and most believe online surveillance is bad for society, according to Pew Research on privacy and security in a post-Snowden world. Read More



Ten operating systems for the Raspberry Pi

The OSes the Raspberry Pi can run will amaze you!


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5. Ten operating systems for the Raspberry Pi

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7. Cisco winning SDN battle: Chambers

8. 8 free online courses to grow your tech skills

9. Black Friday sales promise iPhone 6 deals

10. Google quadruples Nobel Prize in Computing to $1M


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