Monday, May 26, 2014

Why the FCC’s net neutrality proposal is fundamentally dishonest

Cisco's quarterly results suggest product transitions are kicking in | The third time is not the charm: 3 ways the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 still fails

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Why the FCC's net neutrality proposal is fundamentally dishonest
I'm hardly a networking engineer, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the FCC's new plan for net neutrality is fundamentally flawed. Read More

WHITE PAPER: Ipswitch, Inc

5 Ways to Ensure Wireless Networks Keep Up With Demand
Discover five ways in which you can keep up with the ever-increasing demands on your wireless networks. Learn More >>

: Network Instruments

7th Annual State of the Network Global Study
Learn how IT leaders are moving forward with Software-Defined Networks, 40 Gb, Unified Communications, Big Data and BYOD and see why determining whether problems originate in the network, system, or application still present a top troubleshooting challenge. Learn More

Cisco's quarterly results suggest product transitions are kicking in
With a much-needed successful quarter, Cisco begins to reap the benefits of product transitions. Read More

The third time is not the charm: 3 ways the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 still fails
Microsoft's third try at creating a laptop-replacement tablet is better, but still has three big problems. Read More

New generic top-level domain names do more harm than good
The intent was to open new opportunities for domain names, but not all opportunities are good. Read More

Is Cisco Back (as an enterprise security leader)?
Sourcefire, architecture, and services place Cisco in the catbird seat for emerging enterprise cybersecurity requirements if Cisco remains aggressive. Read More

WHITE PAPER: Network Instruments

Are Agents Necessary for Accurate Monitoring?
Being proactive in managing network performance means not only tracking the network and applications, but obtaining a view of the underlying infrastructure health. Selecting the best method for your team requires an understanding of the options and the ability to choose the solution that integrates well with your existing resources. Learn More

TCO of Cisco ACI 3X better than VMware NSX
Goldman Sachs report says SDN will be a net positive for Cisco. Read More

Windows XP on the police fingerprint scanner: What could possibly go wrong?
I couldn't resist taking a photo of this fingerprint scanner station while touring our suburban Boston police station during an open house. No really, I was there for an open house. And yes really, that's Windows XP running on the machine, which sits just outside the jail cells. Read More

Driverless cars could cripple law enforcement budgets
Local government has long looked to speeding tickets to increase revenue. What will they do when autonomous cars stick to the speed limit? Read More

4 ways the AT&T/DirecTV megadeal could affect enterprise IT
The huge $48.5 billion acquisition will mostly bring changes for pay TV consumers, but businesses could be impacted too. Read More

WHITE PAPER: Neustar Inc.

Four Ways DNS Can Accelerate Business Growth
This DNS eBook describes how DNS has developed over the years to support business growth as new needs have emerged, for example, advanced traffic management and protection from cyber threats. Learn More

Without net neutrality, ISPs would destroy U.S. broadband speeds
Verizon has made it clear that it would make the minimum broadband speeds unreasonably slow. Without the FCC in their way, other ISPs would join in. Read More

Silly rabbit, there is no such thing as DevOps in a box
No matter what some may tell you, you can't by DevOps in a box. Read More

Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 may replace Apple's lost iPad shipments
The Surface Pro 3 raises the question for the enterprise - why buy a notebook and a tablet? Read More

Yikes, ICS-CERT reminds public utilities about dangers of remote access without firewall
If the people running critical infrastructure actually need to be asked the series of questions that start the report (pdf), then that's alarming. Read More


Celebrating 25 years of Cisco Networkers

This year, Cisco recognizes the 25th anniversary of its Networkers user conference.


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