Monday, May 19, 2014

Mozilla embraces DRM. Wait, What?!

Red Hat vs. The Wall Street Journal and the battle of the OpenStack clouds | How Riverbed is reinventing itself

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Mozilla embraces DRM. Wait, What?!
If there's one thing that the Mozilla Foundation hasn't quite yet mastered, it is the art of staying out of hot water. Read More

WHITE PAPER: Network Instruments

Are Agents Necessary for Accurate Monitoring?
Being proactive in managing network performance means not only tracking the network and applications, but obtaining a view of the underlying infrastructure health. Selecting the best method for your team requires an understanding of the options and the ability to choose the solution that integrates well with your existing resources. Learn More

WHITE PAPER: Riverbed Technology

Hyperconvergence Infographic
A wide range of observers agree that data centers are now entering an era of "hyperconvergence" that will raise network traffic levels faster and further than anything the IT world has seen before. Is your network prepared to handle the upcoming onslaught of data? Learn more>>

Red Hat vs. The Wall Street Journal and the battle of the OpenStack clouds
The hubbub of the week in the cloud is a scathing Wall Street Journal article that accuses Red Hat of playing "Hardball on OpenStack Software," but analysts say the accusations made by the paper more realistically amount to marketing mud-slinging amongst competitors. Read More

How Riverbed is reinventing itself
In order to differentiate itself, Riverbed is re-defining itself as a platform company, instead of a suite of products. Read More

Why Apple should buy Jawbone instead of Beats
Apple is reported to be about to spend $3.2 billion to buy headphone maker/music streamer Beats. Here's why Tim Cook is barking up the wrong tree. Read More

Juniper Networks goes 'Back to the Future'
New CEO Shaygan Kheradpir looks to Juniper's past to prepare for its future. Read More

: Network Instruments

Infographic: Chart a Successful Network Roadmap
Bandwidth demand is on the rise, SDN and 40 Gb adoption rates are climbing, deploying UC and handling application performance requirements are all challenges that IT is facing. This Infographic highlights key findings from the 7th Annual State of the Network Global Study. Learn More

Netflix is already speeding along Comcast's internet 'fast lane'
Since reaching a peering agreement with Comcast in February, Netflix streaming quality on its network has improved steadily, from an all-time low average of 1.51 Mbps in January to 2.77 Mbps last month. Read More

IEEE's Rock Stars of Mobile Cloud: No Rock, But a Few Stars
I attended the IEEE's recent Rock Stars of Mobile Cloud event in Boston. Here are a few interesting observations from a very diverse set of presenters. Read More

Understanding the Fedora Next initiative through LEGO (kind of)
Fedora Next. It's the bold, new initiative from the Fedora project. And it's going to change everything. There's only one problem: I had no idea what it was. Read More

Kickstarter Tech Pick: OutRunner, a running robot
We've seen robots that walk on six, four, two legs, hop on one leg, or even balance on a ball ... Read More

WHITE PAPER: Infortrend

Top Reasons for Upgrading to Emulex Gen 5 Fibre Channel HBAs
Did you know that the decision to purchase a Host Bus Adapter (HBA) can actually enable you to do more with less? With Gen 5 Fibre Channel HBAs you can run more virtual machines and applications per server, cut your HBA installation and management time in half to and protect your valuable data assets. Learn more >>

New NSA Chief expects attacks attempting to damage, destroy critical infrastructure
Were you hoping a new NSA director might help turn the tide in a way that would be good for privacy? If his early comments are any indication, then you'll likely be disappointed. Read More

This may be the best thing you've seen at a conference this year
Those open source folks over at OpenStack seem to know how to keep conferences light. Read More

Motorola declares war on the feature phone
Motorola rolls out the Moto E in 40 countries for the rock bottom price of $129 without a contract, while Moto G gets 4G LTE. Read More

Upgrade to Samsung Galaxy S5? No thanks
Nothing compelling enough here, move along. Read More


10 nerdiest Linux gadgets

Of all the nerdy Linux gadgets out there, these take the cake.


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