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Cisco and Kansas City to launch network for smart city services

10 biggest CEO pay raises | The philosophy of IoT: Will it help or hurt?

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Cisco and Kansas City to launch network for smart city services
Officials from Cisco and Kansas City, Mo. are teaming up to launch a new network for smart city services. Read More

WEBCAST: Dell SecureWorks

Counterstrategies for Combatting Social Engineering
Social Engineering is proving costlier than ever, especially phishing and spear phishing. With recent breaches, the imperative to counter social engineering effectively takes on a whole new level of urgency. In this webcast, the CISO for Dell SecureWorks discusses the realities of social engineering and what your organization must do to counter it. Learn more

WHITE PAPER: Mobiquity Inc.

Five Steps to Developing a Successful Mobile Strategy
Don't lose time and money with a "throw an app against a wall to see if sticks" approach to mobile. It won't work. You need a well-thought-out strategy to take full advantage of mobile. This white paper lays out the five important steps to a robust enterprise mobile strategy. Learn more.

10 biggest CEO pay raises
Avaya CEO Kevin Kennedy got a fivefold pay increase last year. Sprint more than quadrupled Dan Hesse's package. Which other tech CEOs saw dramatic pay jumps in 2013? Read More

The philosophy of IoT: Will it help or hurt?
As the Internet of Things evolves, will it free up human potential? WIll everyone benefit -- or just a few? And how will it change the way people use technology. A conference in July hopes to find some answers. Read More

How to Use #Hashtags on Twitter and Facebook
Hashtags are impossible to avoid on social media these days. Even after almost seven years of use, many users and brands remain confused about their actual role and purpose. Quick advice? #DontOverdoIt, #KeepItSimpleandConsistent and #BeTruetoYourself. Read More


Winning the Paper Wars
In this report, AIIM looks at the reasons for this poor progress, measure the adoption of digital mailrooms, chart the progress of mobile capture, and show which paper-free processes are the most effective. Learn More

Cisco Live lives it up at 25
It started with a sobering declaration and ended with what for some was an inebriating party. Read More

MIT tackled Earth's atmosphere to give the moon broadband
Four transmitting telescopes in the New Mexico desert, each just 6 inches in diameter, can give a satellite orbiting the moon faster Internet access than many U.S. homes get. Read More

10 tools for stealthily slacking off at work
We're all about helping you be more productive, but to stay at the top of your game you need occasional downtime. Can it be helped that sometimes the need strikes while your at work? Read More

WEBCAST: Neustar Inc.

Industry Risks and Examples of DDoS
Watch Neustar experts as they discuss how DDoS impacts technology companies including online gaming, e-commerce and more. We'll discuss specific examples with DDoS protection experts who are fighting attacks in the trenches. Learn More

Using math and crowdsourcing to camouflage 'eyesores'
Researchers at MIT are leading an effort to use algorithms and crowdsourcing to create customized camouflage that someday will conceal public eyesores such as electrical boxes and air conditioning units. Read More

Dept. of Homeland Security tools aimed at Heartbleed-like security evils
The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has launched a Web portal aimed at assisting software developers in vetting their code for weaknesses hackers can exploit. The DHS calls this portal the Software Assurance Marketplace, or SWAMP for short. It's not a 'marketplace' in the sense that money is changing hands for products and services, but rather more a place to share tools, techniques and information. Read More

Is Cisco Back (as an enterprise security leader)?
It wasn't too long ago that Cisco was a dominant force in information security technology. The company was a market leader in firewalls, IDS/IPS, and email security and was actively pushing products for endpoint security and SIEM as well as security "blades" for Catalyst switches. Read More

7 ways to use social media to get work done
Social media has a reputation--well deserved, we should note--for being a bit of a waste of time. Case in point: A 2012 survey from Salary.com found that 64 percent of employees visited non-work related websites every day during working hours, and 61 percent of employees said they spent over an hour a week on personal web usage. The number one time waster? Facebook, visited by 41 percent of those users. (LinkedIn was second, at 37 percent, which probably explains a lot about why so many are killing time on Facebook.) Read More


Celebrating 25 years of Cisco Networkers

This year, Cisco recognizes the 25th anniversary of its Networkers user conference.


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