Monday, May 19, 2014

CIOs Must Adapt or Risk Being Replaced

Time to modernize thinking, technology in fighting malware | CIO Discovers the 'Terrifying' Reality of Cloud Apps Running Wild

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CIOs Must Adapt or Risk Being Replaced
Michael Keithley has more than two decades of experience as a CIO. However, the IT veteran says he's seeing more change now than ever before.'s Tom Kaneshige sat down with Keithley to talk about the challenges he and his colleagues face, the need to speak the same language as the business side and the reality of what lies ahead for CIOs who refuse to change their approach. Read More

WHITE PAPER: Network Instruments

Your Guide to Troubleshooting VoIP
Real-time voice communications are sensitive to delay and variation in packet arrival times. This paper guides you through the essentials of VoIP troubleshooting, including common problems as well as the metrics you should employ to fix and prevent them. Learn More

WHITE PAPER: Riverbed Technology

Hyperconvergence Infographic
A wide range of observers agree that data centers are now entering an era of "hyperconvergence" that will raise network traffic levels faster and further than anything the IT world has seen before. Is your network prepared to handle the upcoming onslaught of data? Learn more>>

Time to modernize thinking, technology in fighting malware
A recent analysis of network traffic in thousands of organizations found the majority of them were hosting malware and bots, a clear signal that it is time for companies to move quickly to modern-day methods for detecting malicious software, experts say. Read More

CIO Discovers the 'Terrifying' Reality of Cloud Apps Running Wild
Rogue cloud services are ripping gaping holes in the security fabric of most companies, putting the CIO in a tough spot. But as the fallout from the Target attack shows, IT and business leaders will go down together if the breach hits the fan. Read More

WHITE PAPER: Sophos, Inc.

Managing BitLocker With SafeGuard Enterprise
This whitepaper explains how Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise secures your data wherever it's stored; and how it allows you to support diverse platforms and encryption products including BitLocker. Learn More

An Internet of Things prediction for 2025 -- with caveats
A massive survey by the Pew Research Center about the Internet of Things in 2025 is very optimistic about the future of the technology. But even though the report seemingly tramples on IoT skeptics, its responses are filled with questions, doubts and caveats. Read More

SDN prompts more questions than answers
If there was one takeaway from Network World's Open Network Exchange (ONX) conference this week, it is this: software-defined networking is producing more questions than answers. A recent Network World study of 298 network professionals, highlighted at the conference, found that only 9% of respondents have SDNs in production with 6% piloting. Almost half of the respondents, 43%, said SDNs were not... Read More


3 capabilities to fuel today's dynamic forecasting
IBM Cognos software can provide businesses with the business insight they need to be prepared, not scared. Cognos software allows businesses to analyze performance, model business strategies and processes, and contribute to a common set of business objectives. Learn More

FAQ: What does the FCC's net neutrality proposal mean for businesses?
With the FCC planning to vote Thursday on chairman Tom Wheeler's new proposal on net neutrality, pressure groups have stepped up their efforts to mobilize public opinion against the measure, which would allow for ISPs to charge content providers for preferential access. Read More

Frustration, anger over new H-1B rule finds voice on U.S. site
The U.S. is collecting comments on whether to allow certain H-1B spouses to work, and the prevailing theme is one of frustration. Read More

Brown HIV researchers make Dropbox secure with nCrypted Cloud
While workers have embraced consumer technology in the workplace with enthusiasm, those technologies have posed pesky problemsA for organizations that deal with sensitive personal information, especially universities. Read More


Celebrating 25 years of Cisco Networkers

This year, Cisco recognizes the 25th anniversary of its Networkers user conference.


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