Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Registry hack enables free Windows XP security updates until 2019

  CA Technologies release free XP migration tool | 10 biggest CEO pay raises

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Registry hack enables free Windows XP security updates until 2019
Windows XP users might want to rejoice as there's a registry hack that will let those machines continue to receive security updates until April 2019...all for low, low price of free. Read More

: Network Instruments

7th Annual State of the Network Global Study
Learn how IT leaders are moving forward with Software-Defined Networks, 40 Gb, Unified Communications, Big Data and BYOD and see why determining whether problems originate in the network, system, or application still present a top troubleshooting challenge. Learn More

WHITE PAPER: ExtraHop Networks

10 Ways Wire Data Helps Conquer IT Complexity
This whitepaper explains the value of wire data in practical, simple to understand terms. With a robust wire data analytics solution, IT can automatically detect problems across the entire IT environment, spot data theft by flagging queries from untrusted sources, select unique pieces of transaction payloads to send to any big data source, and more Learn more >>

CA Technologies release free XP migration tool
Companies that want to migrate large numbers of users from Windows XP, which Microsoft stopped supporting last month, now have some help with a free tool from CA Technologies. Read More

10 biggest CEO pay raises
Avaya CEO Kevin Kennedy got a fivefold pay increase last year. Sprint more than quadrupled Dan Hesse's package. Which other tech CEOs saw dramatic pay jumps in 2013? Read More

The third time is not the charm: 3 ways the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 still fails
Everyone knows Microsoft historical modus operandi when moving into a new market: Rush in late to a market someone else defined with an initial just barely good enough to ship, refine it in a second version, and then release something fully functional the third time around. Read More

WEBCAST: Citrix Systems

Defining a cloud computing strategy for your enterprise
Transitioning to the cloud is a massive change which can be disruptive, but the good news is that it doesn't have to be. View Now.

Microsoft claims win over FBI, but agency still got its way
Microsoft claimed victory over an FBI bid to keep a request for customer data secret for national security reasons, but it appears the government gave up the fight after getting its way without the company. Read More

What is Ubuntu without Bacon?
Jono Bacon, the community manager for Ubuntu, has announced that he will be leaving his post at Canonical to join the crew over at XPRIZE. Read More

Surface Pro 3's 'tweener' screen is too small for a laptop, too big for a tablet
Microsoft picked the wrong screen size for its new Surface Pro 3 if it really plans to push the hybrid device as a replacement for premium-priced notebooks, a retail analyst said. Read More


Fortune 500 Company Deploys Damballa Failsafe
A Fortune 500 company wanted to detect advanced malware, zero-day threats, and other targeted attacks. Every solution they reviewed used signature-based techniques or sandboxing, which wasn't enough. They selected Damballa Failsafe to plug the security gaps. Read Now

Bug bounty program outs 7-month-old IE zero-day
An HP bug bounty program has published information about a critical vulnerability in Internet Explorer 8 because Microsoft did not meet its patch-or-we-go-public deadline. Read More

Microsoft will patch IE zero day but doesn't give timeline
Microsoft said Thursday it plans eventually to patch a vulnerability in Internet Explorer 8 that it's known about for seven months, but it didn't say when. Read More

Toaster, refrigerator, meet tablet, notebook: Apple and Microsoft trade takes on 2-in-1s
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella pushed the need for blending tablets and notebooks at the unveiling of the Surface Pro 3, countering earlier arguments by Apple CEO Tim Cook that the trade-offs from such devices don't please anybody. Read More



Celebrating 25 years of Cisco Networkers

This year, Cisco recognizes the 25th anniversary of its Networkers user conference.


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