Tuesday, May 27, 2014

CoreOS Linux distro lands on the Google Cloud Platform

Business users bypass IT and go rogue to the cloud | 10 biggest CEO pay raises

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CoreOS Linux distro lands on the Google Cloud Platform
CoreOS, a new lightweight Linux distribution customized for massive server deployments, has found a home on the Google Cloud Platform, giving organizations an easy way to test and use the software for their clusters and distributed computer programs. Read More

WHITE PAPER: Citrix Systems, Cisco, & NetApp

Infographic: Eliminating Desktop Virtualization Bottlenecks
Organizations are turning to desktop virtualization to provide greater mobility, reduce IT costs and improve security. Find out why more and more organizations today are turning to converged architectures to deploy virtual desktops efficiently. Learn more

: CA Technologies

The Singular Importance of Application Performance
In today's landscape where application performance is everything, it's clear that a new approach is needed — one that assesses network and application performance both in context with each other and in how they impact the business. Learn more!

Business users bypass IT and go rogue to the cloud
IT departments need to watch out for business units or even individual workers going rogue and bypassing IT to go straight to the cloud. Read More

10 biggest CEO pay raises
Avaya CEO Kevin Kennedy got a fivefold pay increase last year. Sprint more than quadrupled Dan Hesse's package. Which other tech CEOs saw dramatic pay jumps in 2013? Read More

Google Cloud previews Docker-based virtual machines
Google is throwing its weight behind containers, an increasingly popular virtualization technology that can ease the process of spinning up applications in the cloud. Read More

WHITE PAPER: Citrix Online, Huawei, Netapp, Symantec

Seamless Cloud
Using the cloud to complement on-premise IT resources is one of the nirvana states envisioned for cloud computing, letting you architect for normal workloads and then burst to the cloud when necessary. View Now>>

IoT, cloud computing, nation-state threats redefining enterprise security, panelists say
A printer that connects to the Web may pose as great a risk to enterprise security as an OS vulnerability, but yet companies worry about the latter and too often ignore the former, said a CTO during a discussion at MIT. Read More

Cisco and Kansas City to launch network for smart city services
Officials from Cisco and Kansas City, Mo. are teaming up to launch a new network for smart city services. Read More

25 cool cloud, security & mobile startups to watch
There's no scientific formula behind this list: It's just a bunch of new-ish, mainly enterprise-focused computing and networking companies that have launched, received fresh funding of late or otherwise popped onto my radar screen. Read More

WEBCAST: Dell SecureWorks

Counterstrategies for Combatting Social Engineering
Social Engineering is proving costlier than ever, especially phishing and spear phishing. With recent breaches, the imperative to counter social engineering effectively takes on a whole new level of urgency. In this webcast, the CISO for Dell SecureWorks discusses the realities of social engineering and what your organization must do to counter it. Learn more

The philosophy of IoT: Will it help or hurt?
As the Internet of Things evolves, will it free up human potential? WIll everyone benefit -- or just a few? And how will it change the way people use technology. A conference in July hopes to find some answers. Read More

ManageEngine offers an alternative to complex, expensive IT management suites
Small businesses can't afford the complex solutions from the traditional vendors of IT and systems management suites, but ManageEngine offers an interesting range of management products targeted at the SMB market that can be deployed on-premise or as SaaS applications. Read More

How VMware sees OpenStack as a standard
VMware is not necessarily known as a company that thoroughly embraces open source, but one of its top CTOs says OpenStack could play an important role as a standard in the cloud computing market. Read More


Celebrating 25 years of Cisco Networkers

This year, Cisco recognizes the 25th anniversary of its Networkers user conference.


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