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25 cool cloud, security & mobile startups to watch

OpenStack: Still waiting for the users | Red Hat vs. The Wall Street Journal and the battle of the OpenStack clouds

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25 cool cloud, security & mobile startups to watch
There's no scientific formula behind this list: It's just a bunch of new-ish, mainly enterprise-focused computing and networking companies that have launched, received fresh funding of late, or otherwise popped onto my radar screen. Read More


Dell Boomi a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for #iPaaS
See why Dell Boomi is named a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS). Then, find the best iPaaS solution for your needs, and assess vendors based on ability to execute and completeness of vision. Learn about the iPaaS landscape from top industry analysts in this free report. Read Gartner's Report >

WHITE PAPER: Riverbed Technology

Hyperconvergence Infographic
A wide range of observers agree that data centers are now entering an era of "hyperconvergence" that will raise network traffic levels faster and further than anything the IT world has seen before. Is your network prepared to handle the upcoming onslaught of data? Learn more>>

OpenStack: Still waiting for the users
OpenStack has an impressive list of corporate backers. Red Hat, Rackspace, HP, IBM and AT&T are contributing thousands of lines of code to the open source project and helping deliver an updated version of the cloud computing platform twice a year to allow for easier installation and better manageability. Read More

Red Hat vs. The Wall Street Journal and the battle of the OpenStack clouds
The hubbub of the week in the cloud is a scathing Wall Street Journal article that accuses Red Hat of playing "Hardball on OpenStack Software," but analysts say the accusations made by the paper more realistically amount to marketing mud-slinging amongst competitors. Read More

IBM adds OpenStack to its cloud marketplace
To make it easier for users to build their own private and hybrid cloud systems using IBM technology, the company has added its distribution of the OpenStack cloud hosting software to its recently launched online market of products and services. Read More


Unlock the Value of Enterprise Mobility
Download this guide and learn how to manage the secure deployment of enterprise mobile apps and data, while still encouraging the levels of employee adoption needed to drive the productivity and ROI gains that are possible. Learn More

Why Adobe's Creative Cloud is a really, really bad idea for the sheeple
How 1 million sheep got shorn by an involuntary 28-hour holiday. Read More

Identity and access management for 10 million users? No sweat!
The state of North Carolina is undertaking a massive initiative to put all of its school districts – more than 250 of them – on one IT infrastructure in the cloud. A foundational service for this infrastructure is an all-encompassing identity and access management system built on Amazon AWS. The IAM system is built to support at least 10 million identities at once. Read More

SAP apps heading to Microsoft Azure cloud
Microsoft and SAP's long-standing partnership is being strengthened with the pending certification of SAP's ERP (enterprise resource planning) software for deployment on the Azure cloud infrastructure service. Read More

WEBCAST: Network Instruments

5 Best Practices for Optimizing UC Monitoring
This webcast discusses five best practices on how to successfully optimize and manage UC, as well as how to gain clear picture of overall performance and quickly troubleshoot when the inevitable issues arise. Learn More

Hulking Amazon locker in San Francisco is a mystery
Is Amazon getting ready to unleash a fleet of drones upon San Francisco, dropping Kindles from the sky? Or a self-driving car that can deliver the latest best-seller? Read More

Cisco puts video conferencing spotlight on individuals with new desktop, cloud products
Cisco will target individual video conferencing users with new desktop devices and a cloud-based service, a move that complements a recent announcement focused on outfitting small and mid-size office meeting rooms. Read More

Why IT needs to drive the risk conversation
It's a familiar complaint: Executives from a business department learn about a new, often cloud-based product and they want to try it. Only they can't, because IT has decreed that this wonderful new product creates too much risk. The frustrated business execs gripe that IT is standing in the way of progress. As one business executive said, IT is "where dreams go to die." Read More

OpenStack 101: The parts that make up the project
At its core, OpenStack is an operating system that builds public or private clouds. But OpenStack is a platform, it's not just one piece of software that's downloaded and installed to "voila!" build a cloud. Read More


Celebrating 25 years of Cisco Networkers

This year, Cisco recognizes the 25th anniversary of its Networkers user conference.


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