Friday, May 23, 2014

IT pro gets prison time for sabotaging ex-employer's system

Tech's top-paid CEOs | Open source pitfalls – and how to avoid them

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IT pro gets prison time for sabotaging ex-employer's system
A former network engineer for oil and gas company EnerVest has been sentenced to four years in federal prison after pleading guilty in January to sabotaging the company's systems badly enough to disrupt its business operations for a month. Read More

WEBCAST: Dell SecureWorks

Counterstrategies for Combatting Social Engineering
Social Engineering is proving costlier than ever, especially phishing and spear phishing. With recent breaches, the imperative to counter social engineering effectively takes on a whole new level of urgency. In this webcast, the CISO for Dell SecureWorks discusses the realities of social engineering and what your organization must do to counter it. Learn more

WEBCAST: Network Instruments

5 Best Practices for Optimizing UC Monitoring
This webcast discusses five best practices on how to successfully optimize and manage UC, as well as how to gain clear picture of overall performance and quickly troubleshoot when the inevitable issues arise. Learn More

Tech's top-paid CEOs
Fifteen tech leaders made more than $14 million in 2013. Read More

Open source pitfalls – and how to avoid them
It's hard to imagine a company these days that isn't using open source software somewhere, whether it's Linux running a company's print and web servers, the Firefox browser on user desktops, or the Android operating system on mobile devices. Read More

Five new threats to your mobile device security
Attacks that proved successful on PCs are now being tested on unwitting mobile device users to see what works -- and with the number of mobile devices with poor protection soaring, there are plenty of easy targets. "Attackers are definitely searching after the weakest point in the chain," and then honing in on the most successful scams, says Lior Kohavi, CTO at CYREN, a cloud-based security solutions provider in McLean, Va. Read More

25 cool cloud, security & mobile startups to watch
There's no scientific formula behind this list: It's just a bunch of new-ish, mainly enterprise-focused computing and networking companies that have launched, received fresh funding of late or otherwise popped onto my radar screen. Read More


Systems Management Virtualization
Discover how virtualizing the management layer, by de-coupling agents from the underlying server infrastructure, eliminates the need to install physical agents on servers and makes ongoing management tasks such as provisioning and updating agents as simple as copying a single "virtual agent" file to all required servers. Read more. Learn More

Why companies should seek help in malware detection
Companies have shortened the amount of time between malware infection and discovery, but too few organizations detect the breach on their own, a security report found. Read More

How to protect your company from an eBay-like breach
The eBay database breach that led to the theft of customers' passwords and personal information started with the compromise of employee login credentials, a reminder that companies should check the safeguards in place for protecting such critical information. Read More

Home routers: Broken windows to the world
For most people, a home router is their window to the world -- the World Wide Web. Read More

Obama backs new surveillance legislation, but tech companies reject
A tech industry group that has Facebook and Google as participants has rejected the latest draft of a U.S. legislation that aims to put curbs on surveillance by the National Security Agency. Read More

WEBCAST: Brocade Communications

IT Agility: How Do You Stack Up?
Are you faced with increasing pressure to deploy technology faster? You're not alone. This year, over half of enterprises will be prioritizing building a private cloud, a concept introduced less than five years ago. View Now>>

Cat-hacking Japanese man admits cybercrime guilt
A hacker has confessed in court to hijacking other people's computers to make murder threats in a bizarre case that saw the source code for a virus stashed in the collar of a cat. Read More

Does U.S. business stand a chance of keeping Chinese cyber-spies out of its data?
The U.S. Department of Justice, working with the FBI, this week took the unprecedented step of indicting five Chinese army officers for allegedly breaking into the networks of American companies and a labor union to steal trade secrets of use to Chinese businesses. Read More

Cisco unveils security-product barrage at Cisco Live Conference
Cisco's Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) technology, known as FireAMP, is already supported in its firewalls and e-mail gateways, but now the company is making AMP available as a standalone product. Read More

New products of the week 05.19.14
Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as Lieberman and Dell KACE Read More


Celebrating 25 years of Cisco Networkers

This year, Cisco recognizes the 25th anniversary of its Networkers user conference.


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