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7 possible reveals at Microsoft's Surface event

  25 years of Microsoft Office roadkill | Windows XP's U.S. farewell tour to last most of '14

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7 possible reveals at Microsoft's Surface event
Microsoft stands poised to unveil the next chapter in the ambitious, yet tumultuous Surface saga on Tuesday, with a quote-unquote "small" Surface event in New York City. The date's concrete, but the details are murky. Just what is Microsoft going to unveil? The Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 were only launched in late October, after all. Read More

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New study: SDN adoption trends and challenges
Emerging network technology options are bountiful. See how you stack up against the results of the Seventh Annual State of the Network study. Learn what aspects of SDN have gained traction, what is driving adoption and how you can avoid potential pitfalls. Learn More


3 capabilities to fuel today's dynamic forecasting
IBM Cognos software can provide businesses with the business insight they need to be prepared, not scared. Cognos software allows businesses to analyze performance, model business strategies and processes, and contribute to a common set of business objectives. Learn More

25 years of Microsoft Office roadkill
Love it or hate it, Microsoft Office has torn up the competition, leaving all manner of software carrion in its wake. Read More

Windows XP's U.S. farewell tour to last most of '14
Last-minute moves by businesses to scrap Windows XP may have offset the continued free fall in consumer spending, but that gift from XP won't help the PC industry for long. Read More

No Surface Mini from Microsoft on Tuesday
Microsoft will not unveil a smaller-sized Surface tablet tomorrow, according to multiple sources familiar with Microsoft's plans. Read More

Bridging the Gap Between Business and IT
There's a growing gap between business users and IT services. Differences between what users want and what IT can provide are driving a wedge between these two camps. Learn how this gap can be closed with the RES IT Store delivering automation in an easy-to-use and easy-to-implement package. Learn more

Microsoft's money pit: Surface has lost $1.2B
Microsoft has lost more than $1.2 billion so far on its Surface tablet business, an expensive experiment that makes tomorrow's revelations of new hardware an important milestone for the "devices" side of its corporate-refashioning strategy. Read More

Can Microsoft's new efforts reverse Windows Phone's struggles?
Two new reports put Windows Phone's market share at just 3% worldwide, which begs the question of how much more pain Microsoft can tolerate before it finally throws in the towel in favor of Android. I'm of the line of thought that it will never happen. Read More

SAP apps heading to Microsoft Azure cloud
Microsoft and SAP's long-standing partnership is being strengthened with the pending certification of SAP's ERP (enterprise resource planning) software for deployment on the Azure cloud infrastructure service. Read More

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Your Guide to Troubleshooting VoIP
Real-time voice communications are sensitive to delay and variation in packet arrival times. This paper guides you through the essentials of VoIP troubleshooting, including common problems as well as the metrics you should employ to fix and prevent them. Learn More

Microsoft CEO Nadella aces first-100-day test
If Satya Nadella is celebrating his first 100 days as CEO of Microsoft today, no one can blame him, a corporate leadership expert said. Read More

PowWow customizes desktop, Web apps for tablets and smartphones
PowWow, a privately held upstart in the enterprise mobile software market, promises to simplify the porting of Windows or Web applications to smartphones and tablets by using virtual application delivery and tailor-made user interfaces. Read More

More fake antivirus programs found in Google Play, Windows Phone Store
Last month Google offered refunds to users who bought a fake antivirus app from Google Play, but the scam seems to be catching on and security researchers have recently identified similar apps in both the Android and Windows Phone app stores. Read More

Home routers: Broken windows to the world
For most people, a home router is their window to the world -- the World Wide Web. Read More



Celebrating 25 years of Cisco Networkers

This year, Cisco recognizes the 25th anniversary of its Networkers user conference.


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