Friday, May 30, 2014

Needed: Breach detection correction

IBM patents fraudster detection technology for websites, mobile apps | Dark Wallet--Threat or No Threat?

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Needed: Breach detection correction
There is no shame in being breached by a cyber attack -- security experts are unanimous about that. Prevention, while a worthy part of a risk management strategy, will never be 100% successful, given the sophistication and overwhelming volume of attacks. Read More

WEBCAST: Dell SecureWorks

Counterstrategies for Combatting Social Engineering
Social Engineering is proving costlier than ever, especially phishing and spear phishing. With recent breaches, the imperative to counter social engineering effectively takes on a whole new level of urgency. In this webcast, the CISO for Dell SecureWorks discusses the realities of social engineering and what your organization must do to counter it. Learn more

: CA Technologies

The Singular Importance of Application Performance
In today's landscape where application performance is everything, it's clear that a new approach is needed — one that assesses network and application performance both in context with each other and in how they impact the business. Learn more!

IBM patents fraudster detection technology for websites, mobile apps
IBM researchers have developed a technique that website operators, cloud service providers and mobile application developers could use to spot a fraudster who has stolen an account holder's credentials. Read More

Dark Wallet--Threat or No Threat?
The Fuss About Dark Wallet Read More

WHITE PAPER: Akamai Technologies, Inc.

10 Key Considerations for a Successful Online Video Strategy
As video technology has become more ubiquitous, it has also become more complex. The key considerations in this guide will help you to develop a successful online video strategy with advice to deliver high-quality video, scale instantly, and ensure real-time optimizations specific to each device, operating system and user connection. Learn More

How to avoid cyberspies on Facebook, LinkedIn
The first line of defense against a social media-related attack recently perpetrated by a suspected Iranian hacker group is to teach employees how to spot cyberspies, experts say. Read More

The U.S. state of cybercrime takes another step back
When it comes to cybercrime, it seems no enterprise goes unscathed. There are more breaches happening, the associated costs are rising, and business leadership grows increasingly concerned that information security remains a challenge that is out of control. Those are the headline findings of the 2014 U.S. State of Cybercrime Survey, an annual survey by CSO Magazine with help from the U.S. Secret Service, the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, and PwC. Read More

WHITE PAPER: APC by Schneider Electric

Infrastructure Management Software Improves Planning & Costs
This paper demonstrates, through a series of examples, how data center infrastructure management software tools can simplify operational processes, cut costs, and speed up information delivery. View more

Should CIOs Use a Carrot or a Stick to Rein In BYOD Workers?
Many workers who bring their mobile devices to the office don't care about security, which is forcing IT leaders to take action. Some CIOs offer stipends to help cover mobile expenses in return for BYOD compliance. Others are choosing to throw the kill switch on lost or stolen smartphones. Read More

Sookasa mitigates compliance risk of file sharing cloud services
Personal email systems and file synchronization and sharing tools like Dropbox and Gmail have become prevalent, but have inherent risks in the business world. The Compliance-as-a-Service vendor Sokasa provides a self-service turnkey encryption and compliance solution to ensure files are encrypted wherever they're placed. Read More


10 biggest CEO pay raises

Which tech leaders received the most generous pay hikes in 2013?


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