Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Where to Find the Fastest Wi-Fi

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Where to Find the Fastest Wi-Fi

According to the folks at Rotten WiFi, the 10 airports with the fastest Wi-Fi include 2 in the United States, none in South America, and a #1 that few would correctly guess unless you've been there and were paying really good attention.


Bradley Mitchell
Wireless/Networking Expert
Introduction to Wi-Fi Wireless Networking
Wi-Fi has emerged as the single most popular wireless network protocol of the 21st century. While other wireless protocols work better in certain situations, Wi-Fi technology powers most home networks, many business local area networks and public hotspot networks. Some people erroneously label all kinds of wireless networking as “Wi-Fi” when in reality Wi-Fi is just one of many wireless technologies. Read more... .
Useful Facts About How Wi-Fi Works
One of the world's most popular network technologies, Wi-Fi connections support millions of people in homes, businesses, and public locations around the world. But how many people know even these basic facts about how Wi-Fi works? Read more... .
Coping with Wi-Fi Addiction - A How-To Guide

A well-known Wi-Fi usage study conducted in 2012 by networking firm Broadcom suggested many Americans are struggling with additions to wireless network connections and the Internet. If anything, the trend appears to be getting worse over time rather than improving each year. Read more... .

Tips for Maintaining a Home Wi-Fi Network
A basic Wi-Fi wireless home network can be assembled fairly quickly. However, many homeowners aren't aware of the options available to maintain a network and make it better over time. Consider these ideas for improving the capability, performance and security of your wireless home network. Read more... .
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