Tuesday, June 23, 2015

If You Walk and Text, Use the Right Lane

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If You Walk and Text, Use the Right Lane

A lesser-known university in Utah generated worldwide buzz this last week with their staircase designed for texters. It seems that one of the biggest dangers of computer networks and the Internet these days is how much they distract us from routine everyday living.

Bradley Mitchell
Wireless/Networking Expert
Introduction to Internet and Data Plans
Configuring the networking options on your Internet device is one essential step toward getting online, and texting, and having to stay in the right lane at UVU. In most cases you will also need to sign up for an Internet data plan.
How to Save Time and Money Using Wi-Fi on the iPhone
If you must text and walk with an iPhone,at least try to use Wi-Fi. Or these other tips that will hopefully save you some money.
Methods for Network File Transfer Between PCs
You can transfer files from PC to PC over a network using any of several different software packages and methods. This process is often called "file sharing" or "file swapping." Of course, bypassing your computer network and moving files using USB keys is also an option (sometimes called "sneakernet").
Introduction to Cloud Storage
Cloud storage is an industry term for managed data storage through hosted network (typically Internet-based) service. Several types of cloud storage systems have been developed supporting both personal and business uses.
Use this Hack to Erase What Google Knows about You
What to Consider Before Buying a Portable CD Player
What is Malware?
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8 Essential Safari 8 Features You Need to Know About
Microsoft's Best Free Printables and Templates for Father's Day
The 6 Best Incredimail Letters to Send for Father's Day
Ten Sites You're Embarrassed to Visit (But Do Anyway)
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