Wednesday, June 10, 2015

LTO Newsbytes: Follow the LTO Program on Twitter and LinkedIn!

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June 2015
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Follow The LTO Program on Twitter
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Storage technology is critical when you really think about it. It acts as a modern-day library for all of the digital media and content that’s being produced.

Today, social media, YouTube and other digital services are all contributing to an explosion of content production. For example, YouTube users upload 48 hours of new videos each minute. We can debate about whether a video of someone playing a videogame is worthy of archiving, much of this newly-generated content could be considered in the storage equation.

As a leader in today’s storage technology, The LTO Program wants to keep you informed on the newest trends, deals and movements that are impacting the world of storage. That’s why we’re creating new social channels to engage in the overall storage discussion with you. We have some of the greatest minds in the storage industry at The LTO Program, so we’re hoping that we can have a positive impact.

That’s why LTO just launched two new social media channels on LinkedIn and Twitter. We’ll be keeping you updated with some of the most relevant news in the storage industry through these channels.

There are also times when we want to go a bit deeper than 140 characters might allow. That’s where our new blog – BlogBytes – enters the discussion. We’ll be posting every two weeks to highlight various storage industry news items and insights on tackling your own storage needs.

Check out BlogBytes here. Follow us on Twitter (@TheLTOProgram) or on our company page on LinkedIn as we keep you posted on the various happenings in the industry.

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