Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Cable Modems. Internet2. 3G, 4G and 5G. Any Questions?

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Cable Modems. Internet2. 3G, 4G and 5G. Any Questions?

This week's newsletter features a set of new articles covering various topics from across the world of networking. Feel free to post your comments and requests for future articles on About Wireless and Computer Networking.

Bradley Mitchell
Wireless/Networking Expert
The Internet2 Explained
Internet2 is a public non-profit organization dedicated to research and development of future Internet technologies. The term "Internet2" also refers to an advanced Internet Protocol (IP) research network managed by this organization. Some people might confuse Internet2 with the concept of a next-generation Internet system that will one day replace the current Internet. This is not a goal of the Internet2 organization. Read more... .
3G vs. 4G vs. 5G Mobile Networking Explained

Wireless communication technology inside cell phones and other mobile devices has evolved over several decades. Dozens of different wireless connection and data transfer methods have been developed over the years - for improved speed, reach and/or reliability - although many are now obsolete. The communications industry has classified these mobile network technologies into families spanning multiple generations as described here. Read more... .

How to Buy a Cable Modem for Broadband Internet
Cable modems connect a home network to the residential cable line of an Internet service provider. These modems plug into a broadband router on one end, typically via either a USB cable or an Ethernet cable, and a wall outlet (leading to the residence's cable feed) on the other end. In some cases, consumers should buy these cable modems directly, but in other cases they should not, as described here. Read more... .
Best DOCSIS 3.x Modems for Cable Internet
Customers of cable Internet service must use a DOCSIS cable modem (or wireless gateway) in order to get online. While providers sometimes rent these devices to their customers (for a fee), and sometimes forbid customers from using their own modems, in many cases consumers can purchase their own modems instead. Read more... .
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