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After breaches, higher-ed schools adopt two-factor authentication

Cisco plans to embed security everywhere | 12 Evernote hacks and apps for power users

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After breaches, higher-ed schools adopt two-factor authentication
Payday didn't go as planned on January 2, 2014, for some Boston University employees. On that day, about a dozen faculty members discovered their paychecks hadn't been deposited into their bank accounts. Thieves had changed the victims' direct deposit information and rerouted their pay. BU's IT security team traced the attack to a phishing email sent to 160 people at the university. (Insider Story) Read More


The Role of CDNs and the Perception of Speed
Watch as Steve Souders, Chief Performance Officer at Fastly, discusses how to make a Web user's experience as enjoyable as possible, sometimes by leveraging the perception of speed rather than the reality of it. View now

: Open Text

How Businesses Connect, Communicate, and Collaborate
Whether you're new to EDI, need to get EDI-compliant or simply want to educate your business colleagues, EDI Basics provides an easy-to-understand explanation of the fundamental concepts. View Now.

Cisco plans to embed security everywhere
Cisco this week announced a plan to embed security throughout the network – from the data center out to endpoints, branch offices, and the cloud – in an effort to avoid pervasive threats. Read More

12 Evernote hacks and apps for power users
If I were to compile a list of my top five apps and cloud services, Evernote would be near the top. It's not perfect. (For example, the interface can take some getting used to — is all that green really necessary?) However, it is an endlessly adaptable, imminently useful database of information you can tap into anywhere you have an Internet connection. Read More

Cisco and IBM acquisitions show pressure is on to make OpenStack easier to use
Cisco's intention to buy Piston Cloud Computing and IBM's acquisition of Blue Box Group, both announced this week, are bids to make private cloud platform OpenStack less of a headache for IT departments. Read More

WHITE PAPER: Level 3 Communications

Efficient Cloud Connectivity Ensures Optimal Cloud Computing
Many enterprises are now migrating their internal data center infrastructure and business applications to the cloud. Private network services are physically separate from the public Internet and they provide guaranteed throughput, availability, and latency. Learn More

New iCloud Drive app will let iOS 9 users more easily manage files
Users who store files in Apple's iCloud Drive will have an easier time managing them when iOS 9 launches later this year. Read More

Five network trends challenging the enterprise
As cloud computing, big data and the deployment of mega-scale data centers accelerates, organizations need to continually recalibrate and evolve the network. This challenge has led to the development of new technologies and standards designed to increase and optimize network capacity, security and flexibility, all while keeping a lid on cost. Here are the top five trends as we see them. Read More

Breach detection: Five fatal flaws and how to avoid them
IT Security today is not about defending a (non-existent) perimeter, but about protecting the organization's attack surface, which has changed dramatically due to the cloud, mobility, BYOD, and other advances in corporate computing that have caused fundamental shifts in network architecture and operations. Read More


Infographic: Growing Your Business with Cloud
Learn the latest facts and stats on how a multi-cloud environment can reduce costs and help your organization grow. Learn More

CA acquires Grid-Tools for agile development
Adding to a growing portfolio of software development applications, CA Technologies has acquired Grid-Tools, whose software automates the process of testing newly-built applications. Read More

How to hire for personality and train for skills
Finding talent with the right skillset for your company is not nearly as difficult as finding the right personality fit. Read More

Magic Leap wants developers to mix the virtual with reality
Magic Leap's 'mixed reality' breakthrough is a welcome relief to the boredom of hyping Uber and AirBnB as technology companies just for using the internet and cloud computing. Read More


11 pointless but awesome Linux terminal tricks

Here are some great Linux terminal tips and tricks, each one as pointless as it is awesome.


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